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What do you like best about Grand Canyon National Park?

Asked by gondwanalon (23049points) October 21st, 2022
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The Grand Canyon offers us so much to enjoy and learn.
Such beautiful rock formations on display and all sorts of things to enjoy: Hiking, camping, mule riding, historical geology, rafting, fishing, wildlife, indigenous people, night star observation, etc.

What aspect(s) of the Grand Canyon do you like best?

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Can I have two, first is historical geology, massive and awesome; second is night star observation, it was the first place I saw the Milky Way as a 10 year old (born and brought up in big city lots of light).

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The big hole.

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@Tropical_Willie Me too. Fascinated by how a lot of the Earth’s history is written in striated rock with entombed fossils. Cool to walk back into 1.8 billion years of Earth’s history and touch the bace of once was a mighty mountain.

Watch this 1 minute video that I made of the stars from the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 4 years ago. Here Not too bad fora GoPro 4 camera.

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For me it’s the fossils you can see on the canyon walls as you hike down. Basically, you are going back in time as you go down.

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I loved it when I went. Beautiful and great night sky!

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I spent a half-day there and we drove from sight to sight, watching the sun set at the final location. So we didn’t do most of the activities you mentioned.

For me (and all of the National Parks do this), it just inspires a sense of awe and wonder. It makes me feel small, in the most beautiful of ways.

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I visited the park once, and I will never forget my first view of the canyon. The area surrounding the canyon is very flat and you do not get a chance to see it until you are fairly close. At that point it is as if the Earth splits apart. When I saw that, I took a few steps backward in order to repeat the experience. I told a friend about it, and he said that the joke goes that the person credited with discovering the canyon was the second person to see it.

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The South rim

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@gondwanalon So many shooting/falling stars in that video!

For me, it’s not any one thing, it’s the whole experience of seeing it, just standing there taking it in with tears forming in my eyes at her beauty.

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Never been there, but it’s in my bucket list.

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