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(cheap massage gun) I am going to make a stupid purchase, help me minimize the stupidity!

Asked by capet (988points) December 5th, 2022
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I am looking to buy a massage gun for <=25 USD. I’m sure this is a stupid idea, because you probably need to pay more than that to get one that’s halfway decent. Or maybe the whole thing is a scam. But I’m going to do it, so please help me make the least stupid choice available to me.

My plan is to watch places like Goodwill and Craigslist for about a year, watching for deals. So my question to you is this:

Can you recommend any somewhat okay massage gun brands that might occasionally be available used for up to $25?

I don’t care about battery life, style or portability. I mostly only care about durability, power, and attachments.

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I saw one at Costco.

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You’re going to invest a year of your time toward an iffy $25 bargain? In a year’s time, what is there preventing you from becoming an expert on massage guns?

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What is a massage gun?

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@HP good question! I’m going to set up some alertsa nd spend about 5 minutes a week looking for deals. So not that much of a time commitment, just a long delay.

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@capet You are my hero! I don’t wait a year but I do think about a purchase for a while before I jump in.
I also look at GoodWill and see what products people donate. It shows which ones are not worth it.

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Good thinking that @LuckyGuy!

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I Bought one last year for about $32. I figured it was a scam but had lots of good reviews so I took a chance. One of the best purchase I’ve ever made.

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Not to rain on your parade, but massage guns are not more beneficial than a good dynamic stretching routine.
Did a Physical Therapist recommend one?

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Just look up massager , instead of “massage gun” specifically.

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Here is the model I bought.

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Good ratings, but some complaints about battery and durability.

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I haven’t had any problems. The battery indication changes in a weird way is all. I charge it up and it indicates 99%. It sits there for weeks and then will change to 80% and will sit there for even more weeks. There really is no in-between showing it going down slowly. But it holds a charge well and has plenty of power. No problems with it breaking or anything.

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