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US and Canadian Drivers: Without googling it, do you know what a solid white line between lanes means?

Asked by jca2 (16112points) December 9th, 2022
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I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a while, but I am only reminded of it when I’m driving.

Do you know what a solid white line between lanes means?

It seems a lot of people either don’t know or they ignore it, so I am wondering if most people don’t know what it means.

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It means no passing.

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A solid white line means you can’t cross over it and that traffic is one-way.

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NO passing!!!

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Don’t cross the solid white line on a one-way road.

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That’s were you walk when you are taking a drunk driving test…lol

OMG, don’t take this serious…

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Do Not Pass

Conversely, a dashed line indicates it’s okay to pass, so long as it’s safe to do so.

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No passing zone.

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Solid yellow lines mean no passing. Solid white lines mean changing lanes is not suggested. Not prohibited, just not recommended.

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A solid yellow line means traffic is 2-way. (And you can’t cross it.)

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Can sniff cocaine on the dashboard without pause? :)

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I think @seawulf575 is right, I’m wrong. They also have solid white lines just before the shoulder on each side of the road so you know that’s the edge, so yeah, changing lanes there is not suggested. :D

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I got this from “One solid line: You can pass other vehicles or change lanes, but you can only do so when obstructions in the road or traffic conditions make it necessary.”

All the time, people are passing and changing lanes over the solid white line, as if it’s not there or as if it means nothing. I was always taught you shouldn’t cross over the wolid white, unless of course, as described in the narrative, there’s something critical there like an emergency vehicle, construction or obstacle.

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White solid lines are used for crosswalks, bicycle lanes, parallel parking spaces, markings for left or right turn only lane, and lane guides in left turn situations where there are several lanes making the turn. These are some of the times when it’s necessary. @jca2 When a solid white line is separating the lanes on a one-way road the solid line may not be crossed….just like the solid yellow line on a two-way road. Even those yellow solid lines may be crossed in certain ‘necessary’ situations. The OP may not know that these rules are not the same among the 50 states. I’ve had driver licenses in four states and there were differences in driving laws among them. The most noticeable was how one proceeds when there is a green right arrow light rather than a green round light and no sign prohibiting ‘turn right on red.’

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Note that traffic directions on opposite sides of a white line are the same, while traffic directions on opposite sides of a yellow line are opposite.

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Don’t pass!

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