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Do you ever pay attention to the serving size on packets?

Asked by Madison264 (99points) December 13th, 2022
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Some of the sizes are too big or way too small!

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Packets of…. what?

I definitely do look at serving sizes on food packaging. I’m trying to control my caloric intake, and because manufacturers are deeply inconsistent in how they list them, you can’t just look at the calorie number. You HAVE to look at serving size. The same size box of something will sometimes use wildly different serving sizes, and thus one looks healthier…but has in fact chose a serving size that is less than half of the other.

But if you’re asking if serving size tells me how much I need? No, not really. I find most manufacturers list serving sizes for the purpose of driving down the calorie number. If I really served myself one ‘serving’ it would be inadequate.

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The only packets of food that I may eat would be oatmeal, and I don’t eat that a lot.

If I’m really hungry, I’ll make two and maybe can eat one and a half. I guess, then that the answer would be no, I don’t pay attention to the serving size on packets.

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No. If my packet of peanut M&Ms says “Sharing Size”, I disregard it. :-)

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Usually only when I notice the amount of sodium in each serving.

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The leader of a diet program that I used to attend brought in the label of a standard-size store-bought cake, one of those that are good for about eight wedge-shaped slices. He read the nutritional information to us. The sugar, calories, etc., per serving sounded great. Sure, let’s eat this! Then he came to the punch line. Servings per container: 27.

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@Madison264 I happen to agree with you on the serving size, but remember…that’s just your opinion. There are many people who use it as a guideline; I know I do for certain products and for certain goals.

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Serving sizes are an absurdly wrong concept in the first place.
Is the serving size for a 15 year old female who weighs 80 pounds the same as a serving size for a 30 year old male that weighs 200 pounds the same?

Such a silly concept to hold food makers to have to list it on their “PACKETS”.

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