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Would Kevin McAllister's mother from Home Alone get injured from the traps that he placed?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23799points) December 22nd, 2022
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Just wondering.

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I doubt it. The whole family returned home & nobody got harmed unless they just didn’t show it in the movie!!!

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It’s an interesting notion – I haven’t seen that movie in AGES. IIRC, we don’t see the aftermath, but I seem to recall there was a fair bit of damage to the house. I’m sure Kevin would have been given a pass what with him fighting for his life, but I’m sure he would have been scolded.

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Kevin cleaned up the house as best he could, but he couldn’t undo all the damage. His mother would have gotten stuck on the basement stairs from the tar.

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Good question and his parents would have freaked at the damage he caused to the house, after of course being relieved he came to no harm from the home invaders.

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This was a movie. Not reality. They wouldn’t have let her get into a dangerous situation.

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