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Do you know of any such German folktale?

Asked by Jeruba (55825points) December 30th, 2022
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I read this statement in a book:

“There is an old German folk tale in which the Good Fairy brings a child one gift: the ability to foresee the outcome of everything she does.”

I don’t believe there’s any such tale. I have read a great many folktales, fairy tales, myths, and legends of many lands and cultures, and I’ve never run across any such thng. The closest I can come is the Greek tale of Cassandra, who was condemned to tell the future and not to be believed.

Can you think of any folktale, German or otherwise, that has this storyline?

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Cassandra complex. The gods cursed her with foresight and that no one believes her.

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In the Forgotten Realms novels a theif steals the tablets of AO, and becomes a god.

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Peter at the Pearly gates to heaven has the book of life. That details every sin that you have done.

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Off the top of my head, no.

I’m curious what your source is. I’d do some research, but if the source text was originally German, that might provide a clue on wording.

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@longgone, the text I quoted is in English, not a translation, and not especially literary in character. I happen to think that the tale alluded to is a fabrication concocted by the author to make a point. But due diligence calls for making some effort to learn if there was such a tale. In all my reading, I never met one that’s even close.

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I think you are right to be suspicious @Jeruba. Fairies sometimes make prophecies in children’s tales but they don’t think they have ever given the gift to children. If there really was such an “old German folk tale” why didn’t the author give us the details? The reference is so vague and the gift so unusual that I doubt if it is true.

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Never heard of any such story.

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The German has spoken.
[bell gongs]

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