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What is the most boring sport to watch?

Asked by RayaHope (7297points) 2 months ago
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I’m not really into sports except volleyball and I kinda like track and field.

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Soccer then croquet.

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Curling !

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Soccer. They run up and down the field, almost endlessly. If no-one score at the end of time played, they do a shoot-out. How lame is that??

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I second golf.

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As a child was any sport that preempted my Saturday morning cartoons.

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That totally depends on your interests, if your not interested in a sport, watching it would seem extremely boring.

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Golf and bowling are painful to watch. I don’t consider “motorsports” to be real sports, but I’d include Nascar as well.

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@gorillapaws you just made my point, personal interests if you like those sports you like watching them,if you don’t you would rather watch paint dry.

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It’s not boring at all but it should be: competitive sheep herding. It’s kind of fascinating and relaxing.

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NASCAR, except for when there’s a crash.
Also, It’s probably the most environmentally destructive sport.

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The reason golf is so obnoxious is that everything is staggered so you’ve got different people playing different holes at different times all competing. There’s no continuity. It’s a neat game and I like golf, but golf on TV (or even in person) is just not entertaining as a spectator.

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As long as they have border collies in the sheep herding competition @kevbo1.

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I generally agree with you about golf, if one cares about who’s winning.

However, i enjoy watching LPGA tournaments with the sound off while I’m digging tunes.
This is because I like the scenery and watching athletic Asian babes. ;p

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@kevbo1 Sheep herding is one of the few sports I’ve really enjoyed watching in person – when done by a sheep dog, anyway.

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Sailing. It’s like watching paint dry. And I say this having been an avid boat racer in my youth. Exciting to do, really effing boring to watch.

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Golf. I get why a person might enjoy doing it, but I see no value in watching. It’s not action packed. There’s minimal strategy (and don’t try to pretend that club selection is some great strategy element). And even when a thing happens, it’s hard to tell what’s happening even on TV. A white ball against a blue and white sky is going…somewhere….oh look, it landed and bounced a little. Now it’s rolling a bit. Whoo! My heart is THUMPING!

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@Entropy Just to pile onto watching golf even more, it’s the only sport I can think of where the person can win the tournament, but not know they’ve won until after other people have finished playing. It’d be like watching a relay race where racers were all going on their various segments at random times, and then at the very end, they said “Looks like Jane won 2 hours ago! Congrats Jane!”

I guess some forms of racing are like this too, downhill skiing in the olympics for example. At least you can see each racer go from start-to-finish though. Golf is so schizophrenic the way it jumps all over the place though.

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Ping pong

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A few Jellies chose golf. I have to disagree, not because golf isn’t mind-numbingly boring (it is), but because it isn’t a sport. The three elements of a sport are offense, defense, and physical exertion.

My own choice: soccer. I know that most of the world loves it, but soccer’s never appealed to me.

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@Love_my_doggie: Your definition of a sport: ”offense, defense, and physical exertion.” eliminates a whole number of activities that are generally considered sports. For example, most swimming competitions, a large number of track and field completions, stuff like that that don’t employ an offense and defense factor.
Chess, on the other hand, has both offense and defense.

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Sport: 1) An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively. 2) Such activities considered as a group. 3) A usually challenging activity undertaken for amusement.

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Watch on TV soccer. Watch on the field, soccer.

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I am still hanging to personal interests, I like golf so watching it doesn’t bother me, while others would rather play in traffic.
I don’t like baseball so I can’t stand to watch it while others are fanatic over it.

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Baseball is the only sport that can cram 2 minutes of action into 15 minutes.

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@Dutchess_III Football (American football) can do that too!

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Golf and chess. If you call chess a sport.

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