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Do you think a Christmas themed film-noir graphic novel might be popular?

Asked by rockfan (14627points) January 30th, 2023
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I’m currently writing and illustrating a comic book, and while I have plenty of ideas that are original, I want to make something that has broad appeal. Do you think a Christmas themed film noir/suspense comic book will hook a reader?

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The essential element is that it is good. People will flock to good. They don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

That said, variations on the theme of Christmas that don’t undermine its existence in our culture, are always in style.

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Who has the George Raft / Humphrey Bogart gumshoe detective role?

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Yes. But only for about 5–6 weeks each year.

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People watch Die Hard and Lethal Weapon all year long though.

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If it’s done like Joaquin in The Joker, more substance, I’d likely enjoy it. People are tired of the lack of depth in characters.

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@rockfan they are set Christmas not necessarily Christmas themed. Pedantic I know but important distinction don’t you think.

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I guess “Christmas themed” wasn’t the right phrase, Christmas is just going to be the backdrop of my graphic novel. Much in the same way as the movie “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

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Sure write something like the WATCHMEN and set it at Christmas time. people love superheroes especially if they’re anti-heroes or have a lot of social problems.

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This question reminded me of The Night the Reindeer Died. I’ve seen some pretty amazing stories told with graphic novels. Maus was incredibly moving. I’m sure it’s possible to make that combo work, though it could be tricky to get the tone right.

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I recently watched Violent Night which is a combination of Bad Santa and Die Hard. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.
A dozen years ago I read a comic book series called Max Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective by Frank Cammuso. They were brilliant mash-ups of fairy tales and film noir. I was sure they would be the next big thing. They are now largely forgotten.
Good luck with it! I hope you are more successful.

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Maybe. So many of the Christmas time movies are targeted towards women. Your idea might capture the male audience more, which can mean it will capture couples too.

Could have some “happy”Christmas scenes going on in contrast to the overall plot of the movie.

I agree if the whole movie is taking place during the Christmas season it will likely be most seen for 6 weeks a year.

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As someone who loves the option to stream, I watch Christmas movies year round so I don’t think that you’d be limited to just 6 weeks out of the year!!! Christmas movies at Christmas depress me where Christmas in July is exciting!!! If it’s well written with well rounded characters, there’s NO reason that it wouldn’t be popular!!!

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@LadyMarissa But, are you watching Hallmark sappy Christmas movies?

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^^ What’s wrong with “Hallmark sappy Christmas movies?”

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I love Hallmark sappy Christmas movies, but that is the “girl” market I was talking about and this genre of film noir is not sappy.

I’m talking about the actual BUSINESS of movies. I’m not being snob.

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^^ I find the term “sappy” offensive & you should open your mind!!! Not every movie destined to be a GREAT movie but may still be WORTH my time!!!

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@LadyMarissa Well, I was not trying to offend anyone, and like I said I watch those movies myself. Calling me a snob is definitely offensive, there is no other interpretation.

You are not being analytical about the Q. Maybe the movie will be marketable all year, I could be wrong, but the movies you are talking about are not like the movie in question. Different target market, different genre. Your movies are good feel movies that happen to take place at Christmas, noir movies are darker, both in cinematography and plot.

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Just saying that I would NOT limit my time watching @rockfan‘s movie just to Christmas. Would definitely take precedence over one of those so-called sappy movies. I’m seeing MORE VALUE than you’re giving credit!!!

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@LadyMarissa To be clear I was describing a type of movie you were calling me a name.

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I know & I did NOT lie!!!

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@LadyMarissa What? Wow. Doubling down. Gotcha. Oh, I hope everything you wrote doesn’t get deleted so it’s there for all to see.

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I’ve always appreciated your answers, but I don’t understand why you’re shouting….

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@rockfan Multiple jellies have told her to stop with the constant use of capital letters and multiple exclamation marks in the majority of her answers, but she just won’t curb her use of either of those things.

She either doesn’t believe us when we tell her how it comes across; or, she is actually high strung and yelling and wants us to perceive her that way.

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Are we touchy today folks? Cowabanga!

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I guess I’m late to the party. Guess who on here will die for film-noir? ~

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There is a new movie featuring Philip Marlow being made, starring Liam Neeson. That would make Marlow about 40 years older than he was in the books.

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