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Do you find it hard to read and write Q/A while singing?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) January 31st, 2023
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That may answer a lot of things about my stuff here. lol

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Hahaha! “Do you hard to…”? Are you singing now?

The hills are alive with the sound of music…!

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I don’t find it hard to read & write while singing because I NEVER sing…at least NOT out loud!!! I might get distracted by something else, but singing usually isn’t it.

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I’m a songwriter, look for lyrics in anything. So, no. Singing may actually help me type into Fluther.

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Not at all. I am doing more of it now for a current class at Berklee.

There is a song or tone in everything. Sing it out Sista!!!

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Not at all. Sometimes I’ll be browsing Fluther and play some music from YouTube on my phone at the same time. Not unlike doing homework wayyy back in the day while listening to the radio. Don’t usually sing unless I’m alone and my family is out on errands somewhere. Hate to make thier ears bleed with my croaking.

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@NoMore It’s a good thing you’re so considerate. lol

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I cannot do it. I can sing along to a song, but the typing stops when I start to sing.
Experiment now: OK Google! Play “Shut up and dance with me” by Walk the Moon”!

I am trying wto type too many erros.

End test. Nope! I can’t do it. Honestly, I can’t even sit still when that song comes on!

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Reading, speaking, writing, singing, it’s all using the same part of the brain so almost impossible to do it simultaneously. You can do very different actions at the same time like walk and talk, or chop onions and sing, but that’s different parts of the brain.

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I can type and chew gum. :-)

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I know, I’m all over the place when I try to do them all at the same time. My singing is the first to go then everything else.

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@Hawaii_Jake I just saw your answer! LOL! YES, see I was singing. :D

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I don’t think it would be possible for me to read and write while singing. I get one active language channel working in my brain at a time – I don’t think I can work two or more at once. I even have a hard time thinking about other things while radio/TV or other conversations are going on, unless I can somehow tune the noise out of my attention and not listen to it. At the most, I might hum a wordless tune while reading or writing (or listen to music while not paying attention to the words).

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I do. I’m not sure how all those characters in Broadway musicals manage.

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Singing isn’t the problem – It’s the jazz dance.

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@JLoon Now I’m just going to imagine you doing jazz hands each time you comment.

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