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If you had a talk show, who would you invite?

Asked by jca2 (16261points) March 7th, 2023
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If you had a talk show, who would you invite to be a guest on it?

Any combination of regular guests, comedian(s) and/or musical guests.

Who do you think would make a good guest? Who do you think people would want to see? Who do you think has something to say that you think the world should hear? What book authors do you think wrote something that is important enough to discuss?
What group or singer would be a guest that you think presents the vibe you want the show to have?

Hypothetical, of course.

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Tucker Carlson and Putin.

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Russell Brand. He brings chaos and hilarity (and just the right amount of Mad Hatter energy) to any situation.

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My sidekick would be Drew Barrymore as she seems fun and able to draw the guests out.
I would avoid having any of the royal family as they don’t seem honest. I would mix it up with famous Hollywood types and business people that ran mom and pop type businesses so everyday people might see themselves running a business.

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Taylor Swift.

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Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson for starters. Just to watch Jon tear Tucker to shreds!

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Neil deGrasse Tyson, Post Malone and Joni Mitchell

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@Dig_Dug “Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson for starters. Just to watch Jon tear Tucker to shreds!”

He’s already done it. Not that a round 2 wouldn’t be equally satisfying.

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I’ll invite some former presidents on how their time in office was. I will also invite other people like sports players and music artists like Ariana Grande or whoever my fans want me to interview.

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Taylor Swift

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My daughter’s future college roommate, whomever that may be.

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My friend Rebecca Regnier about self publishing.

Jimmy Carter

Hillary Clinton

I’d mostly stay away from musicians and singers. It usually bores me on talk shows. Unless, they are there for a different reason than singing their songs or talking about themselves.

Great women in the sciences. Women who have worked on important projects and made discoveries and innovations.

Ex QAnon’s who have snapped out of it and can speak coherently about how they were duped.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jamie Raskin and Stephen Colbert

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@gorillapaws That was pretty good but dated. I’d would love to see that today with today’s issues and Jon would be even much more aggressive! ha

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I’ve grown tired of “celebrities”, I would pick someone at random in the streets and if they were willing I would ask them questions about their life and their memories.

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@flutherother that is what I would do to.

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AOC, Kamala Harris and Jordan Petersen. Weird Al Yankovic for musical diversion.

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I’d invite all my ex boyfriends to talk with all my ex girlfriends.

I’d call it The Revenge Club Hour.

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All on a round table discussion together:

Ricky Gervais
Dick Cheney
Ben Shapiro
Sam Harris
JK Rowling

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar – wonderful speaker

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Do you think I should invite Karen?

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