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Does the US Hockey team need genetic engineering technology to improve?

Asked by raiden88 (94points) 3 weeks ago
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Since the US ice hockey team in any international tournament is only good against the much weaker national teams, I think genetic engineering technology is necessary for US hockey as it’s not exactly the most popular sport in the US alone. I’m just being realistic here. I’d like to see the US do just a little bit better at winning international hockey tournaments just a bit more often. But the laws of physics, relativity, and genetics are against that. I think the US should withdraw from high level hockey competition and just prey on the weaker teams it can beat easily. I’m an American big time hockey fan and I’m sure I’m not the only American who cares about hockey. But as I said, I’m being realistic. The US needs to stay away from the strong teams until bio-genetic engineering technology comes along which may take another 50 to more than 100 years’ time. I think it’ll be another hundred or even literally a million years before the US can ever win another Olympic hockey gold medal. I know this sounds like a dumb question.

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The issue is not genetics. It is a sport that the US will be able to compete in, but there are far too many other countries where it is in their national blood and played by all. It is a player quality consideration and not genetics.

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Nope. We win Olympic medals often enough. The national team is currently ranked fourth.

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We shouldn’t mess with genetics in hockey players.

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^^ maybe to help their teeth.

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No it doesn’t – And you’ve asked this bogus question before :

This was my answer then, and it’s my answer now -

“Have you actually been watching US team play at the Olympic or IHF level, or are you just trolling this BS from a burning Russian tank??

US men’s team is ranked 4th in the world, with over 3700 points – And the women’s team is no. 2 : ”*

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Androids would work better. And less teeth lost.
Football would benefit also. No concussions or other life altering injuries.
It’s the way of the future!
(And this answer should be acceptable since this is a bogus question.)

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