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Do men ever tell on each other when they witness sexual harassment at work?

Asked by JLeslie (65078points) April 25th, 2023
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Let’s say a man hears another man being very crass or disrespectful in front of women, or witnessing a guy constantly telling a women they should go out on a date and she tells him no over and over, or some guy is touching a female coworker a lot and he can see the woman trying to escape the touch.

It puts the company at risk even if men don’t give a shit about the woman. Do men ever do anything to run interference and stop the behavior? Not men in charge or owners of a business who understand their liability, but rather coworkers and colleagues.

Do you have any stories from your own work experience?

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Absolutely. I went to HR many times to make a report on things I observed over the years.

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I never witnessed men sexually abuse women at work. If I did, I would have reported it. Not many men where I worked.

I’m a man who has worked in hospitals as a lab tech for 38 years. As you know hospitals are an industry that is dominated by women. During my career verbal and physical sexual abuse by women to me was not uncommon. There was kissing, requests for kisses, hugging, unnecessary touching, humiliating jokes and sexual innuendos. One time a bold group of nurses ganged up on me in the hallway during the day and demanded kisses. At least twice a female lab manager humiliated me sexually (with twisted jokes) front of my all female lab workers (not funny). I never made a big deal about it or reported it because I needed my job.

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In my experience, no. Even other females are dismissive.

@gondwanalon I’m sorry, that’s horrid and rude.

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I have, not all the time, but enough to have a clear conscience.

Standards and behavior have changed since I started my career. An occasional dirty joke would be forbidden now. but was common in the 80s.

I worked in a high stress environment, and one of the supervisors on my staff would give people neck rub/shoulder massages while on the trading floor. I had to tell him to knock it off because it made people uncomfortable. He claimed it was harmless and welcomed.

A woman on the staff was having sex with some of the Board members. I had to tell her to stop having sex at work, since she had left the blinds open and the people in the office across the street had complained.

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I never saw it – but if I had I would have reported it. We don’t need those games.

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No. Nobody wants to get involved.

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Yes I complained to my Dad’s boss about my father’s insensitivity towards women and others. They did nothing, that I am aware of.

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I’ve had to coach people about inappropriate language or jokes in the work place. But as a manager that was part of my job.

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