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Can DeSantis be governor and president at the same time?

Asked by JLeslie (65409points) May 18th, 2023
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Here is a link for dual mandate. I’m not sure I understand the specific language. Is it prohibiting those two offices simultaneously specifically?

Here’s the link

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If it were legally possible, how could someone do two full time jobs at the same time? Why would a Floridian want a Governor who is going to be distracted and busy with Presidential duties, and why would a US resident want a President who is distracted and busy with Gubernatorial duties?

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desantis recently changed the law specifically to allow him to remain as governor if he becomes president.

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@ragingloli As far as I know he changed the law so he can run for president.

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I have a feeling he wants all the powers . . .

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@JLeslie Yes, that is my understanding too… that the governor of FL no longer has to leave office to run for president.

I can’t imagine that one could simultaneously hold both positions, but nothing in FL would surprise me at this point.

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@Cupcake The change in the law to run for president without resigning doesn’t bother me that much, only because I think it’s legal in other states. I don’t know how many states it’s allowed. I think Bill Clinton was still governor when he ran in the primaries, I could be mistaken.

If a governor can hold both offices at once that would be troubling to me.

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I wonder why anyone would want to hold those two jobs at one time, other than for power.

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No. If elected president, his lieutenant governor would take his place as governor. But not until then.

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@ragingloli You better read that again. Your comment is incorrect.

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I could see DeFascist ordering FL to attack Venezuela, and trying to ban any books by LGBTQ, black, or “woke” authors from the Library of Congress. ;)

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If he’s changed Floridas constitution in his favour there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t change the US’s either.

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