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Were you a Parrothead?

Asked by LadyMarissa (15753points) 4 weeks ago
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Have you heard that we lost Jimmy Buffet overnight? I know he had a few medical episodes recently, but I still was shocked to hear the news. I loved a lot of his music but I wasn’t dedicated enough to be called a Parrothead. Did you fall into the Parrothead category…what are your memories?

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This is sad news, I loved Jimmy Buffet. I don’t think I earned full parrothead status, but he was always a fave of mine for his cheerful, singalongable stuff.

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So sad.

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No, I’m not a Parrothead, but I liked some of his music. My dad really enjoyed his music and so that’s how I became familiar with it.

Parrotheads I associate with drinking alcohol, and that’s not my gig at all. The Parrothead Club here not only gets together primarily to drink, but it’s also full of right wingers where I live, and they had a big superspreader during the height covid. Just had to get together indoors and completely ignore recommendations. I think it had more to do with HAVING to drink than their politics.

No doubt there are plenty of Jimmy Buffet fans who don’t drink and who are Democrats, but “Parrothead” wouldn’t be something I identify with from my experience.

Edit: I should add, I’m pretty sure Buffet himself was a Democrat. I seem to remember him supporting Hillary and coming after Republicans during Trump.

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I love Jimmy Buffett. I grew up listening to him and patronized the original Margaritaville in Gulf Shores, AL. Most people think Key West was the first but it was not. It was the first successful one. Buffett grew up on the Alabama gulf coast, where I spent much time growing up, and was known by everyone. He’s gone too soon.

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My wife was a junior parrot head and we did see him live once. He has some fun songs and was great in concert.

What’s funny is my wife isn’t really into music at all but she loved his songs. My musician friends have said, “Yeah, that tracks.”

Sad that he’s gone.

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I had a few feathers, but nothing like some friends of mine! I know they are devastated. I saw him in concert at Blossom Music Center – an outdoor venue – and had a great time. 76 is too young to die, IMHO.

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@JLeslie I’ve never thought of parrot heads as right wingers. Just a group of people from all walks of life and all ages that love Jimmy Buffet.

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@chyna That’s probably the case around the country.

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Back in the late 70’s, I went to a benefit for The Boarding House, a night club in San Francisco. Steve Martin, Martin Mull, Robin Williams (before Mork) and others performed. Jimmy Buffett appeared unannounced, being careful escorted onstage without lights, despite a full length leg cast. He was amazing and fun.

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Oh no! That really makes me sad. I wasn’t a Parrothead, but just hearing his name always made me feel happy if only for that moment. To me he was joy, sunshine, beaches, laid back clothes. He shined for me when I couldn’t shine for myself. He was, simply put…awesome.

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I’m going to take the negative. Yes, Buffet had some good songs, bought for a person with a career as long as his, not nearly enough.

I see him and his shtick as ‘one trick pony’ – he had one clever and profitable idea, and he rode it to fame and riches. That didn’t make him a god or an icon, just a performer who was clever and a good merchandiser.

I’ll be much sadder when the other Buffet (Warren) passes away – he has some actual achievements to boast of.

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I’m not a Parrothead. I did enjoy the one Margaritaville song and I think it’s really sad Jimmy Buffet died so young. When the Margaritaville song came out, I was 11 and it got so overplayed on the radio, I didn’t like it at the time, just because it was so overplayed. I appreciated the song as I got older but wasn’t a big Buffet fan.

A lot of people may not know that Margaritaville has communities that are similar to the Villages. I read an article in The New Yorker about it, a few years ago. It’s more the drinking lifestyle, 55 and older, active seniors. I just googled it:

I don’t know their politics. I know a bunch of Democrats (like me, I’m a Democrat) in NY who are sad that Buffet died.

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Oh nooooooooooo. Early on fav

I attended several of his events. Filled the back of a friends pickup with sand and had a beach party at a concert.

R.I.P. Bubba

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Not a Parrothead but I liked his music and his vibe. Someone I went to school with is the manager of Radio Margaritaville. I’ll have to message him.

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Not sure I ever achieved Parrothead status, but I did get to see him in concert twice. What a fun show he has. The crowd was unique…lots of families including little kids, men AND women walking around smoking stogies, Very little pot being smoked…Not like a lot of concerts I ever attended. But very friendly and fun.

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I always thought the song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was written for the Dew Drop Inn down south in Mobile Alabama. Can anyone confirm that?

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I’ve been singing Margaritaville all day unconsciously.

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I was very much a Parrothead, dating to well before my Parrothead hat I got in 1962. Living in Santa Barbara we thought Margaritaville was about us in Isla Vista buying margaritas by the liter at the old Espana restaurant.

And a day at Alpine Meadows to ski was never quite right unless we listened to “Boat Drinks” while getting our gear togather.

And I have been teary thinking of Jimmy heading’ up to San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend show.

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No, but went to his restaurants. My brother crewed on his boat in West Palm Beach forty years ago.

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Never a head but I enjoyed his music.

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I never considered myself a “Parrotheaed,” but I really liked Mr. Buffet’s songwriting style. I still keep many of his songs in my repertoire.

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@flutherother According to Wiki…The song is about a man who “is trying to amend his carnivorous habits” with health food such as sunflower seeds, but it was inspired by an experience that actually happened to Buffett: he had been forced to eat only canned food and peanut butter due to a boating mishap in the Caribbean, but eventually made it to landfall and managed to order the song’s titular dish in paradise (“Roadtown on the island of Tortola”).[2][3][4] However, other burger restaurants in the Caribbean have claimed to be the inspiration for the song as well. If your version makes you happy, hold onto it. Jimmy just wanted everybody happy!!! :-)

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According to today’s reports, he had been battling Merkel Cell skin cancer for the last 4 years.

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@LadyMarissa I had heard it was the Dew Drop Inn that inspired him and it’s a little disappointing that it isn’t true. Their burgers are excellent, call in if you are ever down that way.

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@LadyMarissa Thanks for the info. He was out in the sun so much, mostly before sun screen was a big thing.

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@flutherother Hold onto your Dew Drop Inn belief. As I said, Jimmy would want you to be happy!!! I hesitated to post the island story because yours sounded like so much more fun!!! At my age & with my physical limitations, I don’t travel very much anymore so I seriously doubt that I’ll be dropping in anytime soon. Still I’ve also learned to NEVER say never!!! Ha

@smudges You’re welcome. Although it changes nothing, I prefer to know the cause of death because it gives me a feeling of a little bit of closure. He had had so many secretive health problems while touring that I just wanted to know the truth.

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Not a Parrothead, but it is sad to hear of his passing. I’m inclined to agree a bit with @elbanditoroso that his music was pretty 1-dimensional, but it had charm in its own way. Here’s one for you, Jimmy. Rest in Peace.

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Let me add for those of you have never been to a Buffett show on the beach. It’s rowdy and fun for the kids. I cannot think of another musical artist that is as much fun for kids as for the parents….and grandparents.

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