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Can you help me find an alternative name I could use on Facebook?

Asked by jonsblond (43227points) 3 weeks ago
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I upset the wrong local far right conservative in a comment section and now I’m being harassed and he’s sharing my picture. I rarely use my face for this reason but he found one in my profile. I’m concerned about my safety.

I don’t use my last name for reasons like this. I just go by my first and middle name. For those who don’t know my name is Janet.

Do you have any suggestions for a nickname or other way to use parts of my name that Facebook would accept?

(I’m done with those comment sections, especially after this incident.)

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Zuckface wants you to use a real name, so it should sound at least somewhat real, and not like a username handle.

(I hope you reported them to Zuckface moderators etc.)

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How about

Janet’s Planet

Just Jane

Maybe a play off of your name here, such as Blondie J

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I like J. Blondie:)

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I assume you blocked him. You can flag him to be sent to facebook to review. Maybe wait a month once he switches his hate onto someone else so he doesn’t suspect you.

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Janet 2023.

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Flagging does no good. I’ve flagged dozens of comments and people and FB doesn’t care.
He is blocked but I still want to improve my safety.

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I have a friend who uses a completely made up name and Facebook doesn’t seem to have caught on.

Suggestions for you:

Janette Parker
Jana Wilson
Jeanne Harcourt
Jenna Barker
Jane Tinsley-Wills

I used to teach new account opening and loans for a couple of banks and would make up names for scenarios. I can keep going if you want!

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J. Madison.

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I have some great suggestions to choose from. Thank you!

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I think names like the ones from tedbear suggested should work, but the ones that aren’t in the style of a normal name, will tend to attract screener algorithm and moderator attention.

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Many of my friends use nicknames. It actually doesnt have to resemble your real name at all, which in thos case us probably best. Just edit your profile name.

So I have to ask what you said to rile this person up. Lord knows it’s all been said here before ha!

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@jonsblond Facebook facilitated 2 years worth of death threats against my husband and my family. I walked away and I have no plans to return to support such a nasty enterprise. At some point you might want to consider your options.

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@snowberry I’ve definitely considered giving it the ax. My children don’t use it anymore and my husband quit two years ago. I’m mostly just on it for nature and camping groups I either run or am a member of. I find a lot of joy in those. I’ve decided to quit following anything political and I’m for sure not entering the comment section anymore.

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Alter Native.

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There was a woman name Sarah that I use to work with that had a fb name of “Juan Valdez”.
Took me a while to realize that Juan Valdez was Sarah. HA!

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Your mom’s maiden name?

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^great suggestion! Thank you.

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I am so sorry to read about this.
I was once in a similar situation, but my stalker went after a very famous person and was eventually arrested and sentenced to a mental facility.
After she was released, she changed all her accusations to being abducted by aliens who planted false memories in her brain.

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^Yikes. That’s scary!

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My cousin had a similar problem, so she changed one letter in her first name in a way that is nonsensicial, e.g. Kevbo to Keybo. Seems like it’s working out so far.

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I’m sorry that’s happening to you. How scary.

If I were concerned for my safety, I think I’d probably stop using that account for a while. Otherwise, it’s very easy to find you again, even if you change your name. I’d create a new account to post, and use the old one only for necessary admin stuff or DMs to confirmed friends. Fortunately, the internet tends to have a short attention span and laying low can fix problems like this.

For the new account, I’d pick a name that is in no way connected to my family. So, definitely not anyone’s (maiden) name. I’d be concerned that would make it easier for the stalker to find my real identity and possibly even guess passwords. In fact, even without a stalker, my online names have nothing to do with real life.

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