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How do I select a menu option on my cell phone?

Asked by LostInParadise (31498points) 2 weeks ago
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I tried just selecting the number of the desired option. Nothing happened and the options were later repeated. When I selected the number and pressed the call button, the call was immediately terminated. I then found a Web site that generated the key frequency of the selected number. Nothing happened. I must be missing something obvious.

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Contact your mobile service provider . . .

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Get the user manual online. No one here knows anything about your particular device.

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Can you scroll to it and highlight it and then press an enter or ok key?

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I have the same trouble with received calls on my iPhone 12 mini.

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It would help to know what kind of phone you have. They all work basically the same, but each brand has its own quirks. I have a Samsung which is an android. I have to clean the screen frequently because anything left behind (including too many fingerprints) will stop it from recognizing my touch. I keep a microfiber cloth in my purse just for that reason. Have you added a screen protector recently??? That can affect the sensitivity of the touch.

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Have you first tried to power cycle your device?
It may not be you. Have a friend try with their phone to see if it is your issue of not.
Does this happen on all calls that require input? I have found that some IVR and Tone recognition software of the party you are calling can vary on ability.

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I checked at the place where I bought the phone. I have to open up the keypad and enter the number from there.

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Thanks for getting back with your answer !

Glad it worked out.

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