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Will X users pay for the service?

Asked by filmfann (52221points) September 19th, 2023
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Millions of people have had Twitter for free, for a dozen years. Now Muskadoodle wants to charge them for what was a free service.

Consider that he changes his mind every 5 minutes – what you sign up for today may not be the same service tomorrow.

Only an idiot would sign up for X to pay for an ad-based service that is going to fail.

My guess: if he starts charging, he loses 95% of his users within a week, and the rest within a month. All that will be left will be a few republicans and few nazis, who like talking to each other.

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Not me . . .and millions more will follow !

Musk bought Twitter for $44 Billion and it will be worth “a buck three ninety-five” by. the end of the year. Rich boy with no sense of running social media company !

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I don’t think most of the of them will. There are so many free social media platforms why would they pay?

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Before Musk ruined it, I only visited once or maybe twice a year. Since he ruined it, I’ve visited a bit more often just to see what the hell he is up to. The day before the paywall goes up will be my last day there!!! I don’t get my money’s worth for free, so I definitely will NOT be paying. I know my account gone won’t break him, but with millions just like me, he can finish achieving closing it down!!! He bought it to ruin it & he’s almost there!!!

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@LadyMarissa Is it actually any different for the average user since Musk took over?

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That must mean there will be no ads anywhere. Oh what a deal! Such a waste of time.

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Even his exalted “twitter blue” subscribers are only offered a 50% reduction in ads.
The forced-tax peasants will get no such concessions.

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Also a waste of money.

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Even before Musk, it was an awful site that brings out the worst in people.

The entire “microblog” format is dogshit that diminishes any reasonable dialogue. Twitter or “X” is full of insular circles of ideological in-groups that reinforce their prejudices and denounce with outrage any one not conforming to their opinion.

It’s also full of bots and trolls, often sourced by PR firms to manipulate and normalise whatever view they’re trying to push, or to smear and denigrate individuals, groups and opinions they don’t like.

Since Musk, it’s now an even bigger platform for promoting NFT scams, crypto bullshit, and Only Fans accounts.

I hope Musk’s idiocy and incompetence leads to the demise of the site.

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^^ even worse than discord and telegram

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I signed up with BlueSky but still go back to Twitter because of more content. Whenever I can’t get back into Twitter I’ll just not go any more.

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I think the drop rate will be over 99% if they try that. Or more accurately, the number who won’t pay and will stop using it until they back off that policy, which they’ll have to, or it’ll become as big a joke as Trump Social, with about the same demographic.

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Not this one.

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Who would want to pay for this?

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Looks like a meme from VFP “Very Fine People”.

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