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Why is torrent not working in Malaysia?

Asked by yaujj48 (1176points) September 21st, 2023
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I am living in Malaysia and lately, it seems that torrents, regardless of what websites origin, seems not to be working. I tried adjusting the firewall, using different software, moving to different location and yet the torrent still doesn’t work.

Is the torrents in Malaysia not working? If so why and how to solve this problem? Is there a non VPN solution?

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VPN may be the solution, but the question is; Is the government forcing ISPs to block all port above 1024? Torrenting uses ports in the 25xxx range, and if those are blocked by the ISP, then even a VPN won’t help.

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I don’t know if anything I’m saying is related to your problem, but something has been occurring this week. There was 2 days around the middle of the week that many VPNs couldn’t connect to the internet & the local cable company’s internet just stopped working. According to employees, they didn’t have anyone working on fixing the problem either…like they knew what was happening. I live in the southeast of the US. When checking to see if my VPN was down, the outage map showed it to be out in most of the US & most of Europe. Then just as suddenly as it stopped, it started working perfectly, if not better, once again. What made it even more suspicious to me was that there was NO news about the outage anywhere that I could find…not even the BBC nor the CBC. It might have nothing to do with your problem, but maybe one or more of your sites got caught up in whatever was happening. I have my own conspiracy theory on this, but with NO proof, I’ll just keep it to myself!!!

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@elbanditoroso How do I check that?

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