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Question about tv streaming ,rest in details?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23107points) September 25th, 2023
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On some of the channels we stream, the commercials tend to freeze and hesitate, while the program has no problem at all, why is that?

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I wonder if the commercials are streamed from somewhere else far from your channel source. Then they would have to travel further, with risk of poor bandwidth in between. My brother works at Akamai, and they distribute ads all over the place. Yay

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On web sites especially, ads are streamed from different servers. They also tend to have code that communicates not just with a media server, but with other servers to confirm that someone is seeing an ad and how long they watch it, that may tend to involve still more servers, and may include some logic about waiting until they’re all ready to start measuring how many seconds you watch, and if/when you click on the ad. Not to mention possibly hundreds of little scripts trying to data mine you.

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The ‘bumpiness’ is your sign to stand up and go to the bathroom. Nice of them to remind you.

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