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What professions use the scientific part of a scientific calculator?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24355points) October 1st, 2023
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I used to play with my accountant dad’s scientific calculators, and never used most of the features until grade 12 math.

I don’t have it now, and would wonder what the different functions are for?

For those who don’t know a scientific calculator was the best one had before a graphics calculator, in the 90’s.

I have two Texas Instruments -ti85’s. On of which I bought in 1995 for $169.99, and has the original button battery, and still works.

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Engineering, extensively.

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I used them daily when I worked in the chemistry dept of nuclear power plants.

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I used them many times per day when doing calculations for combustion engine chemistry and material stresses. I used an HP-45 and got my constants from Mark’s Handbook for Mechanical Engineers. I still have them in a drawer someplace.

Now I’ve dumbed down and use my phone and a quick search.

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I use it countless times a day. I am in Computer Science and Technology. Much of the use is to convert Decimal to Hex or Hex to Decimal.
I however also use it if I am building something as simple as a cabinet or an odd fitting shelf that I need to find angles.
Yes, I own a Slide Rule still and know how to use it. My first calculator for Physics or Calculus class was a SR-50A that is in the drawer.

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There are some good scientific calculator emulators available on Android. This is what I use now

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There is an HP15 emulator for iPhone where the screen seems to be a photo of a real calculator – there are dust particles visible.

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