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Is pinching and stepping on ones toes allowed in nursing homes?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24455points) October 18th, 2023
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I was told that in certain cultures that It is normal , for staff in a nursing home, to pinch, and step on a dementia patients toes?

How prevalent in nursing homes is this practice?

I was horrified that it happens anywhere. Is that normal practice in your country?

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I hope not, although my only thought was that maybe they are testing for feeling in the feet? That’s as regards the pinching and of course it shouldn’t be done in a way that’s going to cause pain.

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UH NO!! Mrs Squeeky works in a nursing home and has never heard of this.

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Who is reporting this exactly? Because I know when I was in the hospital, doctors were frequently coming in to check my feet and calves to see how my circulation was doing. They could be abrupt and they always ripped my freshly made sheets and blankets off the bottom of my bed to do so, which I hated, because I struggled to stay warm in the hospital anyway. (Next time a tech came in, I always asked if they would help make the bed back up. I mean, I get it, you’re a doctor and always in a rush, but if you just ask me I will pull my feet out from under the blankets.) So if somebody’s in a nursing home and either has dementia or is just getting a bit more confused with age, could they be interpreting it that way?

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It was the Canadian documentary W5. Might be a 30 minutes, 2017 episode on senior abuse in nursing homes.

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@RedDeerGuy1 ugh! That’s a lot more concerning then! I just know that my mom had dementia and she would often misinterpret things going on when she had to go into long-term care.

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It’s not “allowed” except by people who are violating their positions. Anywhere.

There are some perpetrators with sadistic tendencies in every country. Some of those people seek out positions where they will have poorly overseen power.

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@Zaku Sorry Allowed is not the best term. I would prefer Still Happening

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Shouldn’t be, of course.

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It seems wrong anywhere, but what “cultures” are you referring to? I can imagine pinching or squeezing toes to see if they still have feeling, but that’s it.

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There’s a huge difference between pinching toes and stepping on them. One involves the hands and is done for diagnostic medical purposes. Stepping on toes, if it happens routinely is abuse.

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Ok, now I’m interested. I searched for all sorts of information about pinching, stepping on toes feet, etc. in the Philippines. Here are my results.

Here’s a link to the practice of pinching noses to make them more beautiful, or healthier or whatever.

Here’s reference to a deformity of the toes in the Philippines. “Casco foot”

The traditional dance Tinikling requires fast feet. If they miss a step, more than toes will be pinched!

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