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Can I use teriyaki sauce that's been open in the refrigerator for 8 months?

Asked by Jeruba (55823points) November 2nd, 2023
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There’s half a bottle left, and I dated it as opened on 2/18/23. Can I use it today to marinate some chicken?

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I say yes. I keep condiments for a long time, and I have used them without incident long after the date printed on the container saying to dispose of it. I smell it and decide.

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Going with your answer, @Hawaii_Jake. Thanks. It smells fine. I tasted it; there’s a little sharpness there, but I’ve never tasted this sauce by itself before, so that may be normal.

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I would with no hesitation.

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Living alone, I don’t always go through things very fast. As for condiments in the fridge, I use the smell & taste test. There should be a little sharpness there. If memory serves, on day one there is just a hint of sharpness when you taste it straight. I’d use it

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It’s sake, mirin, sugar, and soy sauce. They’re not really ingredients that go off quickly. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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Ditto everyone else.

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No worries; the salt keeps it from spoiling

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I say yes also, you can use it. Most condiments that are just sugar, salt, and fruit and things like jellies and jams last for many months or years. This is why I am careful not to transfer food of any sort into jars of condiments, because I keep them a long time. Sauce you just pour out, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

If you have any doubt just throw it out. Only because why spend time worrying about it. If you don’t feel well tonight you might kick yourself. It might have nothing to do with the sauce, but might be annoying to wonder. I have tahini that supposedly should not go bad, but it was a year old so I threw it in the trash.

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I’d do a sniff test then look inside for mold. If all good, then I’d go for it. I toss refrigerated sauces 1 year after expiration though, so you’re almost there.

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Things like Worcestershire sauce, A-1 steak sauce and teriyaki sauce I keep for a very long time. Salad dressing I usually throw out by a one year date. Jelly, same thing – I try to use it or chuck it within about a year. Mayo I am really fussy about, and within about two months I throw it out. When I was a teenager, I got really, really sick from making a sandwich with mayo which was apparently bad. It taught me that when it comes to mayo, just buy a small jar and use it or throw it out quickly. No huge bargain jars which will be in the refrigerator for a long time.

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@jca2 Mayo I only keep about three months and I only buy squeeze bottle so nothing gets in it.

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@JLeslie I put a date on the label when I open it so I have no mistakes.

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^^ That reminds me…my mom used to date eggs in pencil and rotate them with the oldest to the front of the egg shelf. I thought it was so weird and anal, but now I get it.

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I know soy sauce would be OK but not sure about teriyaki. If it looks, feels, smells, and tastes OK I would give it a go. Or throw it away.

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Relying on your collective advice, I sniffed it, tasted it, and decided to go with it. The chicken, marinated and grilled, came out just fine. Thanks, @all, for your encouragement.

I used to date eggs in pencil too, and I wrote the date opened on the teriyaki sauce, so that’s how I knew how long it had been open. I was unable to find a use-by date on either the old bottle or the new (unopened) one.

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