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Has YouTube suddenly gone behind an app?

Asked by Jeruba (55822points) November 4th, 2023
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I don’t even know if I’m asking this right. Luckily I know that some jellies are way ahead of me on the technology and can figure out what I’m trying to ask.

Until recently, I’ve taken for granted how easily I could play YouTube videos on my Kindle Fire. Now all of a sudden, the whirly thing just keeps spinning as if downloading, and they don’t start.

There’s a button that says Subscribe. Do I have to subscribe to something now in order to see YouTube on my tablet? I don’t see any explanation for this or a link for more information and have failed to find any via Google.

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You can no longer watch videos at YT, if you have an ad blocker that’s active on YT.

From what I’ve read, to watch YT videos you have to either turn off the blocker or subscribe to YT Plus.

Perhaps the above applies to your situation.

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I don’t have a Kindle, but I can still watch videos in the app and on the website, but I do have to deal with the ads. I think the jelly above me likely has the correct answer.

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Try powering off your Kindle and then powering it back on.

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It happens, it’s YT. Try backing out of the app and playing a different video. If that does not work, reboot your Kindle. I do pay for the premium YT service. It happens sometimes even with that.

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You can totally still use an adblocker. You just have to be a little bit technically minded.
Use Firefox+uBlock origin, and then purge cache and update the filters when the block hits you.

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I just went to, searched for ABBA, and listened to One of Us. I have Adblock Plus as well as the blocker that comes on my browser. I am on a desktop computer.

Perhaps your internet service blinked or something.

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What a wonderful suggestion!

I bet it would have worked almost as well as simply reactivating my AB, which is what I did.

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If none of the things above work, you could also try going into the app settings and clearing your cache. Sometimes when I have an app that starts not working right, I do that and it seems to solve the problem.

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