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When was the last time you carried something and what was it?

Asked by flutherother (34515points) November 24th, 2023
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I’m thinking of something fairly sizeable and heavy.

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My hand is permanently f-ed up. So anything over a gallon of milk hurts. I was able to throw out a mostly full garbage bag to the dumpster yesterday.

The last really big item was a clothes hamper down 2.5 flights of a steep staircase. The date was a month ago.

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A coffin (well actually a casket) last week.

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Big bag of trash, from the kitchen to the outside trash can. Last night.

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A steel bedframe that I ordered, about 35 pounds, to the second floor.

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Practiced raising a 45 pound weight disc over my head yesterday. That’s about what it’s like when I lift the front end of our 90 pound 3-man canoe up and onto utility racks on my Ford F-150 pickup. EZPZ.

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I was visiting my girlfriend and a bookcase kit arrived. It was left leaning against the side of her garage. The box was about 7 feet long by two feet by 18 inches. I went to move it and it was well over 150 lbs., Between the weight and the awkwardness of the shape, I could not lift it.

I ended up dragging it into her garage to be opened in there.

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WOOD. Trees are heavy and dense.
I fell several trees over the summer and had many Ash fall from the ash boring beetle.
I then chain sawed them to log length over the course of the early fall.
I spend last weekend splitting them. Maples, Ash, and a couple Oak. Some as big as 4 feet in diameter. I now have cords of wood ready for winter heating.
Lifting, moving and manhandling trees is my recent reminder of heavy.

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I’m guessing a bag of trash to the dumpster. Other than that, I’m not sure what, but it was probably 5–8 years ago. Have had 2 rotator cuff surgeries on each shoulder. Have to wear front-closing bras now; can’t reach behind far enough or high enough to wear back-closing ones.

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Forty-pack of bottled water from car to house.

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i try to lift my spirits daily.

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I lifted my voice in song.

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@janbb My spirits only come in bottles of approx. 1 liter, and when I lift my spirits, they are usually served with soda and over ice.

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I carried a pile of laundry out to the laundry room.

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I carried all of my college textbooks to the garage, several big boxes at a time.

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