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Can I cancel my Hulu account tomorrow and set up a new one that's $.99 a month instead?

Asked by janbb (62795points) 3 months ago
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Or will they not allow that? It’s a Black Friday deal.

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You should be able to, but every company has their own policies. You can always try with a different email account.

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Use a different email & payment method & it probably will depend on how long the old account has been closed. If Hulu is feeling vulnerable, they just might not care & allow you to do it just to reel you back in. It’s probably listed in their TOS as to what they will allow.

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This deal is not ad free. Not sure if you knew that or not.

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I just looked at it and read the small print. If I were you, I would join with the new email and payment method (which is what the small print says is required) and then if it works, cancel the old one. The small print says you have to have been cancelled for a month or more, so don’t cancel the old one until you start the new one and see if it works.

I’m tempted. I have it through Disney+ so it means I’d have to set up all that. Still, money is money.

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I cancelled Hulu a month ago and they tried to keep me, I think the offer was $1.99, so maybe at worst you get offered that deal. No guarantees from me of course.

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@jonsblond The Hulu plan I have now has ads.

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@all I read the fine print and I would have had to have not been a subscriber for a month to take advantage of the deal. I know I could fiddle around with different addresses and credit cards but I won’t bother doing that. I only have the basic plan already.

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They offered me the $1.99 right away, I didn’t have to wait. My husband wanted to cancel so we weren’t trying to play a game. If you are ok giving up your subscription for a while it might be worth trying for it.

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@JLeslie It’s a good idea. I’m watching something on it now but maybe I’ll try it soon.

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Read the small print. Most likely it will include a statement of who is or is not eligible for the special.

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How long will it be only $.99/month?

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@SnipSnip Read my answer three lines above. I have read the fine print. It would be $.99 a month for 12 months.

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I see a good deal on Disney+ with Hulu. Very tempting. I wonder if they have a way to see the IP address and make sure you’re not a previous subscriber, even with using new email and credit card. It would save me about 13 dollars a month, which is significant.

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@janbb it definitely sounds like a good deal if you don’t mind the ads.

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I just looked at what I am paying for Disney+ and it’s 19 dollars a month. I am very tempted to attempt to sign up as a new user.

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@jca2 Let us know what you end up doing.

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I will, @janbb. I am pondering the pain-in-the-assery of it, but saving 16 dollars a month is a very enticing prospect.

I just wish they would give deals like this across the board. It’s like when cable companies give incredible deals to new customers, meanwhile the ones who were paying loyally for 20 years get jack-squat. I get why they do it, but it is still annoying.

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Update: So I took a look at my current account to see what I am paying for, and I see for the last two payments, I’m paying for the trio of Disney, Hulu and ESPN. I would never want ESPN or be willing to pay for it. I am guessing that some change was made three months ago and I got herded into the trio. Fortunately, the 19 dollars was only for the past two months.

I logged out of my account and clicked on the cyber Monday deal, and you had to enter your new email. It showed my old email and it wouldn’t let me change it. When I put my new email in and hit “enter” it said something about it being invalid or some other wording. I guess they do that to prevent people from trying to get the deal and then cancel the old deal.

The good news is changed my current account to the 10 dollar a month one, which is Disney and Hulu, both with ads. The previous was Disney, no ads, and Hulu with ads, plus ESPN for 19 dollars so I’m content saving 9 dollars a month. Not as content as I’d be paying the Cyber Monday deal, but good enough.

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@jca2 So that probably would have happened if I had tried too.

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@janbb. Yes. It’s very smart of them,actually.

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@jca2 It’s like when cable companies give incredible deals to new customers, meanwhile the ones who were paying loyally for 20 years get jack-squat.

Whenever my cable (Cox) goes up more than I want to pay, I call and either tell them I want to cancel or ask them if there are any special deals running. I’ve done this probably around 8 times and each time I’ve gotten a lower price, usually for a certain amount of time, like a year. They’ll charge a little more than I’m already paying, but less than the increase they want. I’m also what they call a loyal customer, so sometimes I get a discount for that.

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