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Have you had problems with calling 911?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24454points) November 30th, 2023
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In Red Deer, the 911 operators needs a physical Ave and street, and do not use landmarks anymore.

Is that normal where you live?

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Yes, they want a street address. They can use general location provided by a cell phone, but they want to know your address too.

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It used to be that when you called from a landline they had your address automatically. Now, in the age of the cell phone they don’t have that anymore. To get help to wherever you are as quickly as possible you need to give a location: a house address, a highway mile marker, etc.

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VOIP messes things up bad too. Can’t rely on a phone number at all anymore.

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I have called from the road and gave general location info. “mile marker xyz”. They lock onto your phone and prohibit you from hanging up or calling another person until they have everything they need.
One time they told me they were aware of the situation and disconnected me after a brief “Thank you for calling”.
Another time (an unoccupied car off the road on an exit ramp) they somehow called me and told me they car was stolen, an officer was en route and I could leave at any time. Again, they thanked me for the call.

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I’ve only dialed it once in my life, and yes, I was horrified that it was computer answered and placed me on hold. I knew the number to the police and just dialed it directly. That was back home. Here, where I now live, I know the sheriff’s number by heart and have called it a couple of times . I’ve never dialed 911 again after that less-than-satisfactory experience. I haven’t had a need to. My calls to the sheriff were not emergencies, just concerns that I wanted checked out.

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Not an issue where I live. Yes they need the address you are calling from.
10 years ago, I was part of a project when I worked for a Telco to implement E911 solutions for several states in New England. System has to always be online and the regulations are crazy to meet. While it is a great revenue maker, you will be screwed in lawsuits if you dispatch to the wrong address.
Ironically my recent college grad daughter is working for state of Montana in GIS. Part of her responsibility is to map house location/address in coordinates into state 911 system for all the new developments.

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@filmfann It was impossible to hang up until they let me. Very cool feature.

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