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How do I get help from someone who is doxxing me?

Asked by jonsblond (43942points) December 4th, 2023
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In Wisconsin: The penalties for a Class I felony conviction are a fine of up to $10,000 and up to three years in prison. If the perpetrator uses electronic means to find and exploit the victim’s personal information, the crime will be prosecuted as a Class H felony, which means a $10,000 fine and up to six years in prison.

Where do I begin? How do I get help?

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Get a lawyer ! !

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@Tropical I don’t trust lawyers. My previous lawyer dropped me after I was viciously bitten by a dog because the dog’s owner didn’t have insurance. Lawyers will only help if they can get money.

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I would start by calling the police.

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Since it’s a crime, help would be from the District Attorney. The District Attorney would prosecute a crime.

First step, go to the police, make a report.

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What have they done?

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Can you pinpoint how they got your info or a specific site?

Make sure you lock everything down tighter. Change all passwords to all sites you store information.
Report this to the organization that you suspect they got your info from. If they got yours there, then they have others.
Ask organizations to remove your PII (personal identifiable information) from their site.
Next report to the AG’s office.
In Wisconsin, contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at (800) 422–7128 or email them at

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You may already do this or have thought of it, but use quality protection – Bitdefender is very good and respected and is around $60/year. They may have a special this time of year. Also use a VPN. I realize that this may be a case of shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped, but wanted to mention just it in case.

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As mentioned above, start with police.
There are special units for cyber crime stuff.

Good luck. My brother is currently dealing with some crap like this.

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If it is a criminal offense go to the police. If they aren’t doing enough, try to talk to the district attorney. Criminal offenses are prosecuted by the state not by an individual.

If you want to go after civil compensation you can consider small claims court if you want to try it on your own without a lawyer. Look into the laws for the harm that you suffered to see if you are likely to win. Most states small claims is up to $10K now, I don’t know in WI.

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@janbb I created a new Facebook account about seven years ago for safety reasons when our son came out to us as transgender. I’ve never used my last name on this account to make it hard for people to know my identity. Somehow someone figured it out and posted a screenshot of my Facebook timeline with my fake name and captioned it with my real full name to a group that is full of northern Wisconsin Trump supporters. I’m trying to get the post taken down but reporting it to FB is fruitless. I’m afraid of what these unhinged men might do knowing my full name and location of where I live.

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I assume you flagged it on facebook.

You should be able to “hide” the post from being seen if you are tagged on it.

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Contact OutReach LGBTQ+ Madison, WI (608) 255–8582

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First of all they can give moral support !

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A piece of advice, make sure all of your FB accounts are set to “friends only” and not “public.” Also, avoid posting your photo as your profile photo. That will help keep you anonymous to strangers. Profile photos are always set to “public” so it’s helpful to have them not be an actual photo of you. My profile photo is an animal, sometimes it’s a holiday photo or a nature photo. I did use my actual photo about 17 years ago, once but neve since.

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@jca2 my friends have always been set at private and I also don’t use a photo of myself. There was one of me looking out onto Lake Michigan but you couldn’t see my face. I made sure to be as safe as possible when I created the new account. Great advice though.

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@JLeslie I’m not tagged. He used a screen shot of my timeline and typed my full name. There’s nothing I can do about it. I did flag the post and a friend did as well but I know from experience that FB won’t take it down. There’s no option to choose doxxing. The closest is harassment or bullying.

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I think there is a chance facebook will address it, but if they don’t within a few days then probably it is unlikely. Facebook does suspend people for lying or being malicious.

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@jonsblond Let us know what happens.

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I saw what you did there! I almost blocked you when you popped up!

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(I always thought of lawyers as scam-ish.)

The more expensive the lawyer, the better the justice one gets. It isn’t right, but it is true.

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My reports to Facebook have been denied and I’m not surprised. A friend of mine has found the name and address of the man doxxing me and another local friend who works in IT has connections and offered to help. This rural redneck messed with the wrong person.

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I have since changed my name and thankfully the jerk didn’t link my account. He only used a screenshot. Amateur ~

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