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Is Windows 11 good?

Asked by KRD (5259points) December 14th, 2023
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I am looking at getting a new PC with Windows 11 but I don’t know if it is good.

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I use it and have no issues. It came on the laptop I bought 2 or 3 years ago.

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It’s just sexed up Windows 10. Been the most trouble-free OS transition from Microsoft I have experienced. I have updated like three PCs.

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I hate changing my Windows OS & I hesitated for what seemed like forever & years of research before deciding to take the plunge. I noticed that most of the complaints came from knowledgeable users that wanted to do it THEIR way & that the average user had NO complaints. I had lost my 10 laptop in a fire & the most available replacements came with 11 with a promise that you could revert back to 10 if you didn’t like it. That made me feel comfortable & I bought a new laptop. Honestly, I found 11 to be a seamless transition from 10. I was kinda disappointed that there wasn’t much difference after all the work & worrying that I had done. I’ve been using 11 for about 2.5 years now & I’m beginning to stress over when they decide to release 12. Unless you just hated 10, I don’t think you will find that much difference in 11!!!

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My wife loves it. . . I’m an Apple MacBook Pro guy.

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Windows 10 and 11 have been solid. Windows always has had a problem with ‘dud’ versions and insecure kernels. Linux is better, but linux and red hat never really caught on when MS was producing low quality garbage. Now that Windows’ base kernel is less trash, it seems unlikely that there will ever be a cause to migrate away from it.

Of course, there’s always the chance that MS goes back to producing garbage again.

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I hate switching. I still miss Windows XP! :D

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I mean, I’m still running Windows 7 because I am avoiding the annoyances of the newer versions, and I know others who have either done similarly, or moved to Linux, to avoid them.

It does work, is probably fine, and there isn’t really an easy recommendable alternative as far as Windows go, but it also has bloat and more features involving automatic updates, DRM compliance, “security”, and sending Microsoft info, etc.

Well, the one possible recommendation for another modern version of Windows, would be Windows Server (2019 I use, but I assume 2022 is ok too). That is the professional server edition of the OS allows more control to the user, and has less customer-exploiting BS on it.

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