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Did you hear about Charles McGonigal?

Asked by seawulf575 (16655points) December 15th, 2023
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I just saw an article that tells the story of Charles McGonigal. He was one of the FBI Counterintelligence agents that was pushing the Trump/Russia collusion narrative. He just got sentenced to 50 months in prison for Russia Collusion. He was apparently working with a Russian Oligarch (Oleg Deripaska)that has ties to Putin to find ways around the US sanctions against Russia. He also laundered money from his contact. Kind of interesting that his arrest was not mentioned in the news when it happened.

Does this point even more to a corrupt FBI?

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It points more to a corrupt Charles McGonigal. The story was reported by the BBC yesterday.

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One corrupt FBI agent does not mean the whole agency is corrupt, or even most of it, but you get an A for effort. And I saw it on the news myself. It’s all over Twitter, so maybe it’s just whoever you get your news from.

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Why don’t you tell us?

He was probably too little a fish to make a big stink over. But I’m sure you have your own right-wing spin.

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I had read about it in the news a week or 2 ago but it was one of those left leaning news sources that you don’t consider to be reputable so I didn’t share.

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What left leaning source @LadyMarissa?

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@seawulf575 Fluther hereby sentences you to 50 months in prison for pushing the Trump is innocent theory while maintaining everyone else is corrupt and for inventing facts to support your claims.

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“Kind of interesting that his arrest was not mentioned in the news when it happened.”

It most certainly was mentioned in the news when it happened.

Jan 2023 article, NY Times:

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@flutherother Interesting you went to a whataboutTrump answer. The only part about Trump I used was to describe who this guy is. But Trump WAS cleared. The Muller investigation came to the conclusion that while Russia may have tried interfering in our election, no Americans were knowingly working with them to do so. Then the Durham Report came to the conclusion that the entire thing was a sham and that many in the government had likely broken the law in perpetrating it (FISA warrant scams, working with foreign agents to create the Steele Dossier, using Hillary’s bought and paid for scam as the major proof, etc). But those things just go to show how corrupt the FBI really is. McGonigal pleading guilty is just another example.

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@jca2 You are correct it was covered, but only briefly. Not as news like this should have been. A major FBI counterintelligence agent using his position to scam the system is big news. That he was a key player in the Trump Russia collusion hoax is even bigger news. It got covered for one day and only in a couple places. CNN didn’t cover it though to their credit they did cover the Ukrainian war and a little on Biden’s classified documents scandal. And they did cover the Year of the Rabbit starting, Peru closing Machu Picchu and other gripping stories. CBS did two articles when he was arrested and another when the Republicans sought information from the FBI about him. US News and World Report actually did a couple of stories in fits and spurts. When he was arrested and when he plead guilty they ran a couple stories.

And out of all of these, none of them really made a tie to Trump/Russia very strongly, if at all.

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In fairness, we have been in a news tsunami recently.
I did read about it on the ABC News site.
There has also been lots of coverage in the Washington Post.

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