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What happens if Colorado is successful at keeping Trump's name off the ballot in their state?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23169points) December 26th, 2023
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Just wondering?

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I wonder if the orangutan is declared ineligble for presidency in certain states, or Biden in others, if the affected states are then allowed/legally required to disregard any decisions the president makes if they are elected anyway.

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I also wonder if it even matters if the candidates are thrown off the ballot in states they would have lost anyway.

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It means he would not be on the Primary ballot. If nominated by the Republicans, it would probably be another court case to see if he could be on the November ballot.

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Biden will be kicked off the ballot in every red state. Other than that, this is uncharted waters. I’m wondering what the SCOTUS will do.

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Our democracy, such as it is, will come to an end and Trump will become a fascist dictator for life.

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It will confirm that Democrats are not about democracy. Don’t like Trump? Don’t vote for him. Keep him off the ballot? It shows they don’t want a democratic election.

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@LadyMarissa you really think that will happen? I’m sure Republicans will threaten to do so but they have no grounds for doing so and I don’t think it would hold up.

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Yeah. The orangutan got disqualified because a court ruled he engaged in insurrection, and the constitution forbids insurrectionists from holding office.
Cons want to bar Biden as revenge for the orangutan.

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Not much. Colorado wasn’t going to be significant in the GOP primary nor was it likely to go Trump in November. But I doubt this ruling holds up.

Nor should anyone want it to. This is NOT the way to handle this. Trump should be allowed to run and lose. If he’s denied through stuff like this, it would just set him up as a metaphorical martyr. It will make his hold over his personality cult stronger, not weaker.

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Should it not matter that in the US constitution it says if you incite a insurrection it bans you from holding office?
I know some of you will think he did not, but the Capital riot of Jan 6 says others wise.

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@seawulf575 WTF do you think Democrats have to do with it? Trump was ruled ineligible, by a correct reading of the constitution, in a suit brought by Republicans.

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Colorado is a Democrat state so it won’t matter to the Republican electoral college vote. But it would hurt Trump’s popular vote, for what that’s worth.

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More Newspapers are sold.

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@SQUEEKY2 and @Zaku Yep, the Constitution does talk about inciting an insurrection could ban you from holding many offices. POTUS isn’t one of them. Not to mention it talks about if you are guilty of these things. Being accused and being guilty are two entirely different things. So no, it isn’t a correct interpretation of the Constitution. If all it took was an accusation, Gee, let’s just accuse the opposition of whatever we want an use that as grounds to keep them off of ballots.

This one, like so many efforts against Trump, will end up at the SCOTUS to have them set it straight.

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You sure do love the Don Father!
Think he loves ya that much back?

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@SQUEEKY2 I might say you sure do hate him. You are ready to throw him into jail for accusations. And many of the accusations that have been thrown at him end up being false claims. This is another example. He is accused of inciting an insurrection and you are ready to punish him as if he is guilty. Afraid if you wait until it goes to court that facts may prove it all to be a sham?

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I have no problem with his legal problems going to court ,as long as they all get heard before the 2024 election.

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And Wulfie because the office of POTUS isn’t stated in the article of the Constitution means that office can do whatever?
Being the highest office in your country you would have to think it’s included.

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“Being the highest office in your country you would have to think it’s included.”
And the colorado supreme court ruled that it is, in addition to the prior court ruling that the orangutan committed insurrection.

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@ragingloli Which court was that, which supposedly ruled Trump committed insurrection? Oh yeah, the same kangaroo court that ruled he can’t be on the ballot. And they ruled that without any charges, without any trial, without any prosecution or any defense in place. Maybe that sort of court goes over well in Germany, but here it is only Democrats that pull that crap. As far as I know, that case for him inciting an insurrection is still going on. But it’s kinda hard to commit an insurrection when 100% of the people arrested when the insurrection supposedly occurred were not charged with insurrection.

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