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What are signs a guy is comfortable around you?

Asked by honeybun35 (979points) December 26th, 2023
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Just wondering if they have habits or talk different.

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The absence of the things they do when they aren’t comfortable around you. And, not leaving.

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He removes one of your socks during sex. Just one.

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Lol funny glad you keep up. What else.

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The sound of snoring.

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If he is truly comfortable, he doesn’t say anything if you fart around him, and he farts around you. And he may not close the door all the way when he pees.

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He sleeps soundly.
If he wears a Garmin fitness watch with continuous stress monitoring, his stress level is below 15%. :-)

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He isn’t afraid to let you know he has meetings to go to instead of just sex all the time.

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