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What are some professions that are thanked?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24548points) December 29th, 2023
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The opposite of a thankless profession.

Humor welcome.

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Doctors, winning lawyers, clever accountants, skillful yet affordable auto mechanics, school bus drivers that are nice to kids, butchers that trim your meat just right, barbers and stylist that get your hair just right, valet car parkers.

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Waitstaff. When they refill your coffee or soft drink.

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I am an Engineer. I am thanked all the time by my current firm,

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I think any worker who interacts with a boss or clients and does a good job is likely to be thanked. This is an odd question.

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@janbb Just making chit chat.
At my last job I was told that I was honest.
I don’t remember being thanked.

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All of the helping professions such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, therapists, wealth managers, and tax accountants,also manicurists/hair stylists, domestic workers, massage therapists, performers, repair folks…............and many others.

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I thank anyone who provides a service for me!!! I’ve been told that I go overboard when it comes to thanking any nurses taking care of me. Doctors not near as often as the nurse. The waitstaff where I eat hear thank you a lot!!!

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I’ve been thanked as a software developer, as a game developer, and as an editor, and as various other roles I’ve worked.

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@janbb 20 years ago I asked my boss why he didn’t thank me. He said that my paycheck was my thanks.

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@RedDeerGuy1 In cases like that, it’s the personality of the boss that didn’t thank; it’s not the profession or lack of it.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Years ago I was working at a 7-physician office. I found an error that the outside lab had made. My job had nothing to do with billing, but this particular day the person delivered it to me by mistake. I looked at the bill and found that the lab had been overcharging us for the entire year and they owed us something like $50,000. I brought it to the attention of the head nurse, and she brought it to the attention of the main doctor. She told him that I should get at least 1% of what we recovered from the lab for discovering the mistake since it wasn’t even my job. The financial person whose job it was hadn’t noticed for the entire year that she was overpaying them.

Know what the doc said? “I don’t believe in rewarding employees for doing their job.” Even after she pointed out that it wasn’t my job, all he offered me was a check for $20. So the office got refunded $50,000 and I got $20. It still pisses me off that I accepted the check instead of turning on my heel and walking out of his office.

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