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Does Donald Trump have a driver's license?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24451points) 2 months ago
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Just wondering.

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I don’t know if he has a drivers license but he doesn’t need one.

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I wonder if he or his dad bribed the DMV when he failed parallel parking.

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No, he wasn’t able to pass the driving test due to his bone spurs.

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I’d think his seeming illiteracy, low attention span, idiocy, and belligerence would be major obstacles to passing a driver’s license test.

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If he has one, he cheated to get it, like everything else in his life.

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This is shocking but I will actually say something in Trump’s defense. Many New Yorkers never get a driver’s license.

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I get what you’re saying @janbb, but could you picture Trump on public transit at any point in his life?

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Yes. On the prison bus.

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^If only..

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That would bring a smile to my face.

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I doubt he could pass the written test for a CDL. . . he would just start running his mouth instead o writing down the answers ! !

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Possibly not. He was a New Yorker most of his like. He did travel a lot though, so maybe.

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I guarantee you, he got chauffeured around everwhere. At worst, he would maybe take a taxi. No tips, of course, if he paid at all.

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@ragingloli I think it’s very likely he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Either did my aunt, who lived in NYC her whole life. My mom didn’t until her 20’s when she moved out of the city and my grandmother got her license in her 50’s when she moved out if the city. They certainly weren’t rich.

For the wealthy to deal with driving it is a waste of time, so yes, you are probably right, city or not.

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I have a relative in the city (NYC) who doesn’t have a license and is proud of it. She moved to the city right after college. She’s married, and so if they need to go somewhere out of the city, they hire a car (what used to be called a radio car) or they go to Grand Central and take the train.

I’m betting DJT never got a license. He was driven in limos or taxis.

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He had one in 2012 !

Oh, he lied about his height too ! ! He is not 6 foot 3 inches.

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^^Trivial. Who cares about that. Maybe he was 6’2.5”.

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^Trivial, yes. But trump is the one who is lying about his height and weight.

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@chyna don’t forget his small hand size.

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. . .and he missed his anniversary with Melania today


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Oh well don’t worry he will blame the evil left wing, Obama, or Biden, maybe Hillary ,I know it’s Hunter’s fault.

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