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How does one get treatment for adult behavior issues?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24446points) 2 months ago
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Like interrupting the professor in the middle of class?
Cutting class?

Can my psychologist help with these, and more issues?

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Just stop doing it. Or wait till your bad grades show up and wake up.
BTW in college a professor can just toss a student from the classroom if they continually display BS high school behaviors that got them attention then.

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@Dutchess_III I’ve tried. It all ways comes back. The reason that I haven’t been tossed is that I told my professors in advance, and they are accommodating me.

Thats why I prefer online venues to learn, and socialize. Like YouTube and Fluther.

I’m not in university at this time. I am taking free online automated French lessons in Doulingo.

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If I had been your professor I would have said “I suggest you not.

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@Dutchess_III I wasn’t making fart noises, or class clowning. I would speak up and ask a question if I didn’t understand what the professor was saying or a burning question that only they can solve. I did it a lot. I acted as if we where one on one in private.

I didn’t cut classes in my first year. The second semester in the second year I should have officially dropped two classes and then focus on the optional gym class the Java programing class and ethics.

I failed out, but I had permission to keep in for another year. I should have accepted the offer. I worked out in the gym and ate my fill from the awesome cafeteria.

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I know what “interrupting” means. If it’s a valid question no professor would mind.
If they are inane, pointless questions just to get attention, they do mind.

How do you think your professor felt about you acting like you were the only one in the classroom?

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@Dutchess_III They were valid questions. I thought that It would be the only time that I would have access to someone with an extensive knowledge in the fields or Psychology, Computer Science, and Philosophy.

I didn’t like that I was spending $12,500 a year to get what I could have gotten from just buying their textbook.

I will try just buying their textbook first next time. While focusing on my psychology degree in order in to being a career development professional.

I should have narrowed my classes to only psychology, as that is all that I needed. I had overfilled my plate from the buffet of classes.

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@Dutchess_III My introduction to Philosophy proffessor loved my questions. He told me that he raised my mark because he supports the “underdog”. (Whatever that means). He gave me a 7 of 9. Which was my highest mark in university or college or high school.

I should have not expected the same result in my other classes.

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Yes, psychologists can help with uncontrollable outbursts, or direct you to those who can help.

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You sound like a candidate for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Ask your doctor for a referral to a CBT practitioner.

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