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Do you miss Internet Explorer?

Asked by Nevada83 (907points) 2 months ago
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I do. I wish I could go back in time to when it was the most-used browser there is. I was looking at all 11 major versions of it and I started crying.

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Uh sorry for your loss, but for myself nope I used to call it Internet exploder.

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I prefer it to it’s replacement, MS Edge. But that’s not saying much.

(We called it Deplorer, and Exploder.)

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It only ever existed to download Firefox.

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My most heartfelt sympathies for your loss!!! I NEVER liked IE & I stopped using it around 07–08 & never looked back. Edge doesn’t excite me either.

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Definitely not. I’ll spit on its grave!

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Nope. Pretty bad browser experience that was basically forced on the public for too long.

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Not even a little. Netscape rules!!!

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I’ve used FIrefox since 2005, now on my second Macbook Pro.

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Yes, I greatly miss Internet Explorer. This may, however, be because I’m so pitifully lame with technology. IE worked for me; thus, I knew and loved it.

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Explorer was the initial bootloader for Chrome and/or Firefox

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I miss the era in which we all used Internet Explorer, because nostalgia is a potent drug, but reality intrudes too much for me to pretend it had a better user experience than everything that came after.

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Oh no! Not at all.

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I mean, you can still run explorer. Also, you can put edge into “explorer mode” just by clicking the little “e” icon in the top right of the screen

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