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Do you sleep with your watch on?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33135points) 2 months ago
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I can’t – it feels binding and I can’t fall asleep with it on. Some people I know (who have Apple watches or Fitbits) sleep with theirs on because of the sleep-tracking ability.

Do you sleep with your watch on?

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Yes, it is a smartwatch!

Tracks my heart rate and other things.

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No. Neither of us, me or the watch, is smart.

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Yes. It’s actually a Fitbit and tracks my sleep, or actually non-sleep patterns.

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I sleep with my Apple Watch on. Doesn’t bother me. I also sleep with earplugs in.

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I don’t wear a watch, smart or otherwise. I don’t like anything around my wrist even when I’m awake. My phone is my clock and my alarm, and it stays by my bedside also because I play a 8 hour YouTube video that is the sound of sleet and wind, and it puts me right out.

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Yep, I sleep with mine on.

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I bought a fitbit to track my sleep (or lack there of), but the wrist strap gave me a rash, so I stopped.

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I don’t wear watches, but I do sleep from arms length of my cellphone.

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I have a Mickey Mouse watch.
Mickey snores.
He sleeps in a pocket across the room.

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YES!!! I wear a dumb watch. I sometimes need to see what time it is in the middle of the night. I keep the band 1 hole off from snug so it doesn’t bother me. I seldom remove my watch unless it needs to be cleaned for whatever reason.

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I do not because of the sleep tracking, but so I can tell what time it is at night. I don’t have a bedside clock.

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I don’t wear a watch at all.

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I did when I wore a watch, many years ago. My GF at the time would mess it up in my sleep (set alarms, etc) and tried to tease me about it. That was annoying enough for me to stop wearing it, and I never started wearing a watch again.

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I use my FitBit to track my sleep and tell me the time (if I happen to wake up at night).

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