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Have you ever missed the bed when going to sleep with the light off?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24661points) February 3rd, 2024
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I did a couple of times as a child. Also I had some near misses even as an adult.

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I haven’t had that problem. Have you considered a night light on your side of the bed so you can actually see where the edge of the bed is even when half asleep???

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Yes. I use my torch function on my cell phone as a night light now.

Night light is a good idea. Thanks.

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No, but I have stubbed my toe.

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No, but I broke my toe sleepwalking. My foot got tangled in the sheet which had drooped to the floor when I got up. OMG the pain!! I know some people have broken a digit and blithely gone on with their lives…not me!

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Once, maybe 20 years ago, I was getting a new floor put in my bedroom. I have a ceiling fan/light and a wall light. The bed was in a different spot due to getting the new flooring installed. I walked into the room, shut off the ceiling light and walked over to where I knew the bed was. My intention was to turn on the wall light. As soon as I felt the bed, I got on it and started crawling toward the wall, but not realizing that the bed was in a different spot. I fell off the bed from a crawling position. It was stunning and shocking but luckily I didn’t break any bones.

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^^ I can just picture it! :D

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@smudges I’ve never stubbed my toe on the bed or missed my bed, but maybe about 10 years ago my area had a really bad derecho come through and I lost power for 2 or 3 hours. It’s really stupid too because I had my flashlight with me but I was walking around in the relative dark of my apartment and being barefoot, I stubbed my toe really hard against one of my chair legs and ended up breaking it! Boy, did that hurt! I remember the next day which was a Saturday, it wasn’t too bad because I was able to stay off it pretty well. But when I went to church next day wearing my usual flats, I got home and the whole top part of my foot up by the toes was black and blue and purple! Then the next day I had to work and because of the bad storm coming through, we were actually working on a different campus of our school and I had to do a lot more walking. It was pure agony!

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^^ OWWW! It’s really true about people feeling pain differently. There’s NO WAY I could have walked on mine. When I broke it I went back to bed but was in pain and couldn’t sleep. My husband didn’t think it was that big of a deal. The next morning I had to get around on my hands and knees or hop and at the doctor’s office (x-ray) they brought out a wheelchair for me. It was the toe next to my big toe and he said it was an unusual break in that it was both spiral and completely through. I wore a special hard-soled sandal for a couple of weeks. They put me on crutches, but those hurt my underarms. LOL

Isn’t it funny…we must learn about our bodies as we age because I don’t stub my toe nearly as much as when I was younger. I rarely drop things, also.

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@smudges Well, mine was the toe next to my pinky toe and was just a hairline fracture, so maybe that made a difference.
Also, I would have taken off work that Monday, but I remember that I didn’t have any PTO left. They would have just let us stay at our school building and do work we had to catch up on in the classroom, but when we got there there wasn’t any power. So they give us a choice of going home or going up to the other campus and helping out for the day. Thankfully we had power the next day and we could stay in our quiet building and catch up won paperwork.

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