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What is the largest landlocked metropolitan area in the world?

Asked by Nevada83 (907points) 2 months ago
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I tried to look it up but I keep getting the largest in the US which is the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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I think you find to be Delhi.

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This is what I found, although they’re countries as opposed to metropolitan areas unless that’s the same thing:

“Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country, while Ethiopia is the world’s most populous landlocked country.”

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Lookup the largest metropolitan areas and Delhi is second largest also more than 250 miles from the ocean.

Largest is Tokyo which is on a bay.

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Mexico City?

Metro area 21,804,515

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Mexico City is the largest area.

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In the US, Atlanta metro area is pretty big, if you include the 16 (or so) counties surrounding the city of Atlanta. Just about half the state population is in those 16 counties. There is only the Chattahoochee River which isn’t navigable, and a bunch of smaller creeks. The closest ocean is the Atlantic.

Outside the US – no idea.

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Beijing, China

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