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Can you substitute a lamp for sunlight when growing indoor plants?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24446points) 2 months ago
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Say perhaps an avocado plant?

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You have to use a grow light like this one

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YES you can!!! This is the one that I’ve used with great success. This one is NOT currently available, but the specs might help you to find a good one. The “red/blue spectrum” is very important!!! There are 3 at the very top of the page tht has the right specs that will most likely work but I can’t verify them. I also learned when I was about 25 that you could use 1 red & 1 blue fluorescent light bulb & get the same effect for a LOT LESS money. That works great in an office where you have the light fixtures already in place & your eyes won’t see any difference.

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My dad grew a jungle in our basement using grow lights.

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Special pink lights are best from what I understand.

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Yes, but there are also many houseplants that thrive in low light.

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