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Does your toothbrush connect to the Internet? Why?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33147points) 2 months ago
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Does the world really need internet-connected toothbrushes? Probably about as much as we need internet refrigerators and washing machines.

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NOTHING I own is internet connected as I don’t trust what possibilities might arise. Oops, I do have Alexa but I’m thinking of terminating her services!!!

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No. The whole concept of internet connected appliances is insidious.
It starts with “wE aRe JuSt PrOvIdInG a SeRvIcE!”, like in this case “tracking and improving user oral hygiene habits” (and you can not tell me they are not secretly selling that information to insurance companies),
but the end game is forcing everyone into a subscription scheme. It will start with automatically ordering new brush heads, and will culminate in you being forced to pay a monthly fee for the tooth brush to even turn on.
Everyone wants in on it. Pioneered by the gaming industry, it has now forced its tendrils into printers, cars, even airbags.
All to extract the maximum amount of money from their marks. It was not enough for these capitalist vultures for you to just buy and pay for a product once. No, they want you to pay for it again, and again, and again, in perpetuity.
These parasites no longer believe that they have to earn your money, they now believe they have a right to your money. They believe that your money is actually theirs, and you are standing in the way. And they will use any bottom of the barrel scheme they can get away with, to get you out of the way.

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@ragingloli I agree with you. Well said, and thank you.

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Some make sense, and some do not. Internet-connected water heaters that let you know if its leaking or wasting energy or failing is great, I’ve seen the damage a failed water heater can do. Lightbulbs that are in hard-to-reach areas or are in dim stairwells with switches only on one end or if the switch is also placed in an awkward spot. Also, they are great for turning on and off at random times when you are away from home to convince people someone is home. But my favorite is the internet-connected thermostat. No more running downstairs to adjust the thermostat when I go to bed because its too warm or cold upstairs. But yeah, I don’t need it for my toothbrush.

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I was gifted one that does. I have no idea why it has the capability and I never configured it.

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@LadyMarissa….don’t look now but..

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None of my 3 tooth brushes (Oral-B, Sonicare and Waterpik) have internet connection.
The following do have internet access:
iPhone, Apple Watch, desktop Apple computer, iPad, heat pump, heart rate monitor (Fourth Frontier), GoPro cameras, dash cam (NextBase 322GW), drone (DJI Mini 3 Pro) and my garage door opener.

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That’s ridiculous. No.

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What will the internet do with dental data? (I’m sure there’s some answer. I’m even more sure that I don’t care to know.)

This question makes me think of my Roomba. I have one of the older models. The amazing device does a great job of vacuuming my floors. My effort is minimal—I recharge the machine, hit the “on” button, and, when it’s done doing all the work, empty the waste. Such simplicity; such ease; such clean floors.

The newer models have self-charging docking stations. There’s an app to connect the owner’s cellphone to the device, so that it can be started remotely, and the usage history is recorded and stored. The thing even empties itself after each cleaning cycle.

All I can ask is: Why? Does a robotic vacuum machine, already a technological marvel, really need an internet connection? Is it such a burden to turn on the devise while home, and to empty its contents into a trash bin?

I’ll stay with my prehistoric Roomba, along with my stand-alone toothbrush.

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No. It’s a manual device. I will never use one that rats on me to unknown OR known watchers.

@ragingloli, I love your answer. GA.

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It’s the same mind set that causes farmers to purchase equipment equipment they are not allowed to service even though they own it outright!

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And yet it’s about impossible to purchase new farm equipment that does not need to be serviced by a factory technician. There is a sizable number of people renovating old farm equipment because maybe it won’t work as fast, or produce as much yield, but it’s still cheaper and therefore more profitable to renovate than buy new and deal with the headaches of glitches, parts on back order or waiting for repairmen who don’t always show up, or maybe don’t know their job as well as they are supposed to.

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An interwebbian toothbrush? No thank you. I’m old school, low-tech.

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Why do we need a toothbrush that can connect to the internet? Is is so the government can make sure we have clean teeth?

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