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What is the best operating system for gaming? Windows 10 or 11?

Asked by KRD (5259points) 2 months ago
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I am going to be getting a new PC for gaming but I am not sure what OS to get. I want to get Windows 11 because it is newer and seems to have good reviews however, it seems like a lot of games I have seem to only support windows 10 and earlier. What OS should I get?

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Windows 10 is going away, sooner rather than later. If I were buying a computer, it wouldn’t be something that will be (from an OS point of view) obsolete in a year.

But then, I am not a gamer, so gaming software means nothing to me.

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It does not really matter. Performance differences are minimal at best,
As to compatibility, things that run on 10 will almost certainly run on 11, since they are nigh the same under the hood.

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I don’t game but in my opinion, there is NO real difference between 10 & 11. I find that most apps that show they work on 10 & earlier will also work on 11. As @elbanditoroso points out, 10 will be going away in the not too distant future. I think I remember Microsoft saying that 12 will be next & 10 will be rapidly phased out. Unless you want to take your chances with 12, I think I’d go with 11.

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When’s 7 “going away”? :-D That’s what I’m using.

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The hardware is a bigger factor for gaming. Any new hardware worthy of gaming will be coming with Windows 11.

Focus on Processor, Processor speed, RAM, Graphics card, video RAM.

Can you provide more details around the compute needs for your gaming adventures?

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@Zaku Using & getting support for are 2 different things!!! I did the same with 98 until I could NO longer find apps that were compatible. Eventually, 7 will become so obsolete that you will want to upgrade. Until then…ENJOY!!!

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@Zaku I don’t think I can use windows 7 on a new PC unfortunately.

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@KRD You can on relatively new hardware, but I wouldn’t really recommend that unless you or some techie you know is up to doing it.

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You should not be using Windows 7 at all. It’s not getting security updates anymore and several serious security flaws are wide open. Win 10 is still supported, will run on a sack of potatoes, and may still be free. I’d upgrade ASAP. As far as gaming between Win 10 and 11 it does not matter. Win 11 has specific hardware requirements that keep it confined to machines that are modern. If you’re buying a used machine, and you don’t know jack about computers, at least choose one running 11. If you have a Win 10 machine that can run 11 there is no reason not to go ahead and upgrade. It may have taken Microsoft 30 years to finally figure out how to update an OS smoothly, but they finally did.

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