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Why is our internet acting up?

Asked by KRD (5259points) 2 months ago
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For the past couple of days, our internet has been going out and then back on. We where on with the internet company and they checked the logs and everything seemed ok. What happens is that the internet goes out for about a minute or so and then comes back on. Do you know what is going on?

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Is it an Apple iPhone?

They mess around with internet speed to encourage users to upgrade to newer products.

I believe that it is called “throttling”?

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@RedDeerGuy1 It affects all the devices on our internet.

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@KRD Sorry. I’ll lurk, and see what other Jellies think.

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It could be almost anything. Since we don’t know, geographically, where you are it is difficult to determine if weather might be a factor.

Dropouts and interference can sometimes be caused by loose coaxial cable. Check your connection to the cable modem, and also to the wall. Tighten both as much as you can.

If you can log into your modem and look at the frequency/error grid (each modem does this a little differently, so you have to do some research. If you have channel 12 (for example, on the modem – not the TV) showing a lot of uncorrectable errors, that can contribute to slowness and dropout.

Weather makes a difference.

New electronics in the house (new microwave oven? neighbor’s ham radio kit?) can cause interference. Old style TVs (pre digital) were notorious for cable modem issues.

Bottom line: We need more information. What cable modem to you have? What part of the country are you in? Have you unplugged your modem and router recently?

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Reboot everything – - – - restart modem, router and all other devices. Wait 5 minutes between restarting each item (all end devices can be restarted together).

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Who knows. I usually wait a few days and hope they are working on whatever problem there might be.

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How many devices are using the router?

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I just got a new router and that solved my problem. If you have one of those that has the antenna hidden away for looks, it becomes crap in no time because it is crap.

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I really have little business giving computer advice, but this sounds like when I realized my parents’ router was 15 years-old. They had me over all the time, trying to fix everything. They got a modern router, and made some changes to their provider’s package.

If all else fails, I still smack electronics.

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^^ Violence is seldom the answer!!! ;-}

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@filmfann we have 11 devices on our internet unless someone comes over and uses it.
@Pandora Our router has three antennas sticking out so I don’t think it is that.
@MrGrimm888 Our router is a ~7 years old so could that be the issue?

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@KRD You want more than 3. You need at least 6 to 8. This was my son-in-law and daughter’s recommendation and they both work in IT.

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@KRD Get another router that can support more devices.

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First try the other diagnostics before you buy a new router. Check the coax wire tightness as I suggested. It could be that simple.

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^^ Believe it or not, one time when my internet was out and Cox said it wasn’t them, I checked and it really was a loose connection! I never would have believed it, I mean, it’s behind the monitor on my desk with 3 desk walls within inches of it and my monitor on the other side!

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That it affects all your devices at once, implies it’s not your devices. Your ISP should send a technician to try to figure it out.

Resetting your router, and their circuit, would be something they should have done when you called to report this – has it improved sense then?

What kind of Internet service do you have (5G? DSL? Cable? Satellite?)?

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