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Early voting began today in Georgia. Shall I ask for a republican primary ballot in order to vote against Trump?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33134points) 1 month ago
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the news

These are the republican names on the ballot:
Ryan L. Binkley,
Doug Burgum,
Chris Christie,
Ron DeSantis,
Nikki Haley,
Asa Hutchinson,
Perry Johnson,
Vivek Ramaswamy,
Tim Scott,
David Stuckenberg and
former President Donald Trump.

Of course, almost all of them have dropped out.

Who shall I pick?

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Write in General Petraeus.

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How about Chris Christie?

The only one that would really count is Nikki Haley.

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I thought about voting for Nikki, but I fear that if she pulls off a miracle that she could beat Biden in the general where 45 shouldn’t. So, go safe & go for Christie!!!

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The only two Republicans that are still in the race are Trump and Nikki Haley.

I like Chris Christie because he’s so anti-Trump. Of course he’s out.

I’ll be voting for Marianne Williamson (D) in the Presidential primary. She has no political experience but ran a food program, wrote 15 books and graduated from Pomona College. She’ll do. HA!

I’m a Republican and no way am I voting for Trump or Biden.

Any way you look at this you lose.

Happy voting!

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Didn’t Williamson drop out of the race?

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I’m a Democrat and there’s no way I’m voting for Trump or Biden.

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I’m going to get reamed a new asshole by the usual people on this website but any vote against Biden in the general election is a vote for Trump.

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@Caravanfan Well, not quite, in that:
1) We don’t really know for sure who the candidates will be yet.
2) Even if it’s Biden vs Trump in November, a non-vote is more like HALF a vote for Trump. Which is still half of flaming evil fascist idiocy on a stick, so – very bad.

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I’m not arguing about Biden vs. Trump. In my opinion (just my opinion), the Dems need to come up with something better than a guy who is Biden’s age. He appears to be very frail. Do I think he will be around in 5 years? Not likely. Just my opinion. Not arguing.

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I’m not really arguing, either. Just quibbling with Caravanfan on details.

I don’t disagree that the Democrats would be much better served by a good younger candidate. I’m not sure I get why neither party comes up with good better and/or younger candidates, except that it seems like the whole political establishment has severe problems, and it’s become a near-impossible ask to find anyone who’s actually good and likable, and can also pass the impossible unfair popularity tests of conventional political er… perspectives, and who ALSO is willing to sacrifice themselves to the terrible realities of trying to be a presidential candidate in this age, AND who will also satisfy the depraved criteria of the political parties and string-pullers, too.

And yet, if it is Biden and Trump on the voting card, not marking Biden will seem like a major mistake, to me.

But it is also a critical failing of our system that we still have a primitive voting system that doesn’t let us express what we really feel. i.e. there should be multiple candidates, and we should be able to express our actual order of preference, and whether we actually support each of the candidates, so the two parties can’t continue to give us people we don’t really support, yet claim we do.

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Zaku, Alaska has gone to ranked voting, ie top, second, and third choice though you don’t have to vote for more than one. Actually, you can just skip that position. That said, since it didn’t elect Palin as rep to replace Don Young, the Alaskan GOP has been doing its best to do away with the system. I have to admit, I wasn’t really sold on the idea initially but having used it a time or two…. and, no, not all my top choices won…. it’s grown on me and seems quite fair.

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I’ve been struggling with this very thing. I changed my registration (traumatic to see Republican next to my name) so I can vote for Nikki in the primary in Florida, but I can still change my mind and not participate in voting in the primary. I had to change my registration before the deadline to consider it though, so I went ahead and did it. I have multiple real life Dem friends planning to vote for Nikki in the primary. Friends in SC, NY, FL, but it is still just a handful of people, I don’t know how widespread the movement is. The vote is to keep Trump out of office.

I do think if Nikki starts winning or getting very close to Trump in votes, then her momentum will increase and more people will be comfortable voting for her. We need the media to shift their reporting to saying Nikki could win, rather than their obsession with Trump, if you/we want Nikki to start winning. The media has tremendous influence.

I wish Christie was an option, but he isn’t. He is out of the limelight of the media so it is like he doesn’t exist to the majority of Americans.

@Caravanfan Are you saying voting for Nikki in the primary is a vote for Trump? I’m interested in your thoughts on this. Nikki has a better chance of beating Biden, and so I do worry a Republican in the White House helps the party of Trump, but risking Trump himself in the White House seems worse.

@jca2 Nikki has been going around saying a woman will be in the White House, either her or Harris. I think if Biden had a more popular VP it would help, but he can’t change now I guess. They would have had to have convinced Harris to resign.

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I think you should do it; I think you should vote in the primary. I think large voter turn out and “anyone but Trump” sends a message. It will become a news story if voter turnout is much much higher than usual. Nikki is probably the only vote that actually can keep Trump from becoming the nominee, but a vote for any of the other Republicans is message to the party if the percentage is big enough.

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My question that I struggle with personally and that I wonder if Biden’s voters struggle with or have considered, is “do you think Biden will be alive and vital in five years?” Yes, maybe alive but vital? Able to walk and talk and think well? Because I don’t think he’s walking and talking and thinking well now. In five years, I am full of doubt.

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@jca2 I’m not really arguing either but you have to think of it also as voting for an administration and policies against voting for a dictator. This administration has done a lot of good and some very bad things. Can you imagine what four years of Trump would bring? No need to answer.

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IMO we have never had an election so serious with no good options. I am a Republican and I weigh these options carefully. I will be voting for Biden in the general election if it comes down to the two. Halley if she pulls a miracle. Trump is just too much of a loose canon to be allowed back in the White House. Please for Halley in the primary.

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Haley does not have a chance, because she is Indian and a woman.

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@janbb Fingers crossed that Biden steps down at the DNC and someone else rises from the ashes, is nominated and has good ideas and can garner excitement. That’s what I’m hoping for.

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Yes, Halley is a 100 yard field goal kick.

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^^This just came to mind: Hailey is a Hail Mary.

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Just found out some Michigan Democratic friends will be voting for Nikki in the primary.

Is GA a Super Tuesday state?

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March 12 is the actual primary in Georgia. Super Tuesday is the 5th.

And I voted for Haley in the primary.

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Ok! Interested to see what happens in GA.

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What ever you choose to do about that is your business. I encourage you to vote.

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I just read that she agreed that frozen embryos were essentially people, too, and belong to the state.

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@JLeslie Nikki doesn’t stand a snowman’s chance in hell to win. But sure, vote for her. The primaries this year are all an expensive waste of time anyway. Both men are unsuited to be President. However Trump is a fascist.

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@Caravanfan I’m with you on anyone but Trump. I just know you are fairly objective about politics, so I wondered if you were bothering to vote for Nikki in the primaries to try to prevent Trump from winning. Sounds like you think it is futile.

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@AlaskaTundrea I heard about ranked choice voting in Alaska, and was so excited to hear that! I really think it’s much needed to have any chance to get out from under the two-party lock US voting has suffered under for too long.

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@AlaskaTundrea I saw that interview with her where she said that about embryos. It really turned me off from her.
Apparently she’s never had issues getting pregnant.

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