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Why are some Google searches giving me Arab links?

Asked by KRD (5259points) 1 month ago
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It just started happening and I don’t know why. Some site descriptions below the link show Arab words. Do you know why?

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I use Chrome, so when I do a search, pages in foreign languages sometimes appear. Chrome always asks me if I want to translate it. Perhaps the Arabic pages are answering your query.

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@Hawaii_Jake I use FireFox so could the problem be in the website or the browser?

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I’m suggesting the foreign language page is an answer to what you’re searching for, but you don’t know it since it’s in Arabic. Try to translate the page.

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I just tried searching a few products and a lot of links are in a Arabian language.

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Maybe the product is popular in Arab countries.

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Are you using a VPN? Could it be logged into an arab country?

Do you live in suburban Detroit? Plenty of Arabs in that area, and they may be making assumptions on demography.

Have you been to an Arab web site recently?

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Al Jazeera is an Arabic new source. Is that where you end up ?

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Al Jazeera is amazingly neutral when reporting US news. But Arab-related news… not so neutral.

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What specific products are you searching?

Perhaps your IP address geolocation indicates that you’re posting from a country, that has a significantly large Arabic-speaking population, such as India or Pakistan.

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Update: I emailed Google Support and for some reason it said “Thank you for writing in to the Grievance Officer for India.

We understand that you would like to raise a concern for a particular Google product or service, or may have a valid court order.”
I sent an email to and it is talking about a court order. I might call Google support today and get some answers.

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@KRD are you using a VPN ?

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@Tropical_Willie I do use a VPN but I already checked it. It is based in America and in Colorado.

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i suspect you are not very sophisticated in your Google searching. It seems likely that the address "" means support in India.

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Update: My issue is fixed. The links are back to normal. Still don’t know what happened but it seems fine.

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Update: I found out that my VPN is the issue even though it says it is in Colorado. Not sure why it does it but I will find out why.

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