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Are you ready to dive into XMail?

Asked by LadyMarissa (16072points) 1 month ago
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Forbes Musk is planning on taking on Gmail with his own version named Xmail. Will you be joining him?

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Fuck no.

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I deleted my twitter account a month after he usurped the throne, and since then, I only visited twitter using a third party website, “nitter”. Since that service went down, I have not visited twitter at all.
Even if twitter mail was the last email provider on earth, I would not use it.
The same goes for the “twitter bank” that he has floated around making.
Only a fool would entrust this parasite with their money.

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He’ll probably charge “an arm and a leg” for the joy of being on his mail service . . he has already run $88 million business less than $45 million, he is not a business man – - he is an idea man and not all his ideas work.

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Gmail does everything I want it to. I have no desire to switch. It hides spam from me. It warns me if a message is suspicious.

I’m a Google fan. I use Chrome, and it knows all my passwords. I went to a site today I haven’t visited in many years, and Chrome new my password. It worked the first time.

I use a Google Pixel phone where it knows all about my use of any Google product anywhere. It hides spam text messages from me. The battery lasts 36 hours with moderate use.

And I hate Elon Musk.

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Would you trust your private messages to Elon Musk?

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That’s a big X.

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I agree with ALL of you!!!
@elbanditoroso I wouldn’t trust him to walk my dog around my fenced in yard so I def wouldn’t trust him with anything private!!!

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Here is what would happen if Musk was given the responsibility of saving the world from a comet.

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No. Even if it was supposed to be great and so efficient, I wouldn’t use it on principle.

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I’m quite happy with gmail and have no reason to use XMail but I would check it out if only out of curiosity

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Been using Apple Mail since it debuted in 2000 (first @mac then @me, now @icloud) and love it. Versatile, great formatting, and great spam/security features.

I would never trust X/Twitter with anything.

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No. Not even if it was XXXmail.

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No. I love my Tesla, but I have no intention of trusting Musk with my private communications.

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It’s Email. As a Messaging Engineer who architected email platforms since the mid 90’s, there is nothing new he can bring to the table. It is an untrusted, unsecure, unguaranteed technology anyway. Talk about something non-innovative!

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There are probably people who will sign up for it just because they love him and everything he does, just like there are people who will buy Trump sneakers and cologne because they love him and everything he does.

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I might give it a try.

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I’m ready to forget it exists, and/or for more jokes about X, the MAGA nutcase hell site formerly known as Twitter.

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@Hawaii_Jake I just got the Pixel 8 Pro and Love the camera and its processing capability.
I’ll stick with Gmail.
Why on Earth would someone switch to an email product run by Musk? You know it will be a way for him to make a grab for your money.

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Not a chance!

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