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When sweeping a customer area in a restaurant do you sweep every bit or only the parts that need it?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24431points) 4 weeks ago
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21 years ago the head supervisor of a fast food
restaurant said that, at close, that I took too long to sweep. I swept the whole floor.

Who is at fault?

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Well if it’s really buy just sweep whats needed , when it gets slow sweep it all type thing.

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I think the whole floor should be swept.

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If that’s the attitude in the customer areas what was the kitchen like?

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I think it’s mainly sweeping the areas around individual tables after messy customers leave. At closing, sweep the whole place.

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<shrugs> Maybe you were slow. No one at fault….and it was 21 years ago.

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@smudges I agree. No one is at fault and this was decades ago.

I’ve had to mundanely sweep floors because there was nothing else to do. You get the job done when time allows.

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I sweep everywhere.
I am more concerned that after all this time, this still bothers you!

It’s like looking in a mirror!

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Sweep everywhere, but don’t take so long.

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Too subjective to determine what needs it and what doesn’t. Thats like saying wash only the part of you car that needs it.

Do the whole thing!

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Back when I was a waitress, while customers were in the dining area I’d just sweep up what needed it. At the end of the night when ALL customers were gone & the door locked, I pulled out the vacuum & did a thorough cleaning so the openers had a clean dining area for their customers!!!

Your manager was probably complaining about you being slow because he was tired & ready to go home. If he was honest, he probably admired your thoroughness. Nobody was at fault in your situation. You were doing your job by being thorough & the manger was doing his job by bitching about it costing him money. That’s in the past, so I advise that you just “let it go” & not worry about it!!!

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Don’t sweep if customers are in the dining room. If there is a particular mess, clean that up right away. And I would forget sweeping and buy robotic vacuums. They are really great for hard floors and low-pile carpet. You can buy equipment to create sections for each robot if the room is large.

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A couple points to note: This was 21 years ago. It’s time to let it go

He said you took too long to sweep, not that you were supposed to only do part of the job. He/she may have felt that to do a good job only takes 15 minutes, for instance, and it routinely took you 25 or 30 minutes. He may have been trying to tell you to find another gear.

Beyond that, I have no idea of the context. In a restaurant, it is expected that at closing the entire thing is cleaned….the kitchen, the serving areas, the dining areas. To do any less is usually a violation of health codes.

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I like you when we’re not talking politics @seawulf575! ☆♤♡♧

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Why thank you, m’dear!

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