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If you give to charities, do you give a little money to many charities or more to just a few?

Asked by janbb (62965points) 2 weeks ago
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As asked but feel free to talk about political donations as well.

Note: This is in General so if you don’t give at all, please don’t answer. Off-topic posts will be flagged.

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I rotate donations, usually whatever moves me at the time I’m thinking of donating. Often I will divide up among local groups that need help, sometimes I give to the Big Guys (recently World Central Kitchens and the like).

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I wish I had more, but I do donate to my local animal shelter once a month and to St. Jude’s 4 times a year.

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I usually give a little to the Salvation army and Wikipedia.

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I donate a little to only a few.

I donate a lot to help my inlaws. Charity begins at home.

I help in zumbathons. I teach for free at the zumabathon and people pay for a ticket. 100% of the money goes to charity. Most of the time it is a charity that helps children or animal shelters. I do it about twice a year. The last one I did we raised over $4,000.

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Select few, but more to each.

I never give to politicians.

I give to:

- civil liberties, free speech groups
– wounded warriors (veterans with health issues)
– my local Library Friends foundation
– local hospital foundation – they have a fund to support family of people in the hospital

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More to just a few.

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Me too, more to just a few. Those include
• my local PBS station
• the public library
• my local classical radio station
• a couple of independent news sites
• my local art museum
• the Boston MFA
• the Metropolital Opera
• a local women’s shelter
—not all at once, and not all the time, but when the spirit moves or there’s an especially strong appeal.

Oh, and Wikipedia.

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I donate to causes, that have no discernable ties to organized religion.
Which, unfortunately, means I can’t give to a lot of really important causes.

I give a little, to a lot, I suppose.
The dollar amounts may seem insignificant, but it’s a lot for me.

I have volunteered my time, more than my money.

I do not feel that I can trust that money given to charity, gets where I’m wanting it to get.

It gets taxed, pinched, and misused, too often.

I recently renewed my fishing licenses, and the DNR site has places you can donate, and to very specific causes.
I usually give $8 to each.
It’s not much, I know. But it adds up, to me.

I definitely used to work security at a place that did auctions for different charities.
Sea Turtles, are a big thing, in my area…
The like….

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I give to many Charities. Typically a $100 minimum but some are up to $5000.

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I give to DRC (Disasters Emergency Committee) when they make an appeal. I also give small regular amount to Sustrans, a charity that supports cycling.

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We donate money and goods to a local animal shelter, the epilepsy foundation, children’s hospital, and a couple others.

It gets spread around to places we care about and are, frankly, easy to donate to.

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I mostly give through local organizations or my church’s national disaster relief funds as I know it is managed well with a small percentage going to administrative costs.

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