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Please list what resources are short supply?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24661points) 1 month ago
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Like copper for technology, and sand to make concrete.

Is there a list? Online in Wikipedia, or YouTube?

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The law of supply and demand demonstrate there are no shortages, just higher costs for rare things.

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Jumbo Pasta Shells

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“The U.S. just sold its helium stockpile. Here’s why the medical world is worried:
MRI machines need thousands of liters of liquid helium to function. Health care workers say they can’t afford any disruptions to the helium supply chain.”

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Common sense.

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Remember when, during Covid, that toilet paper was in short supply?

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@chyna: I foolishly expected that a global pandemic would bring us closer together as a society. Silly me.

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@cookieman – yeah, it was kinda that “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” malarkey. The reality is that whatever doesn’t kill you gives you wisdom, but also does damage,

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