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Why did Eric Trump mention being white in his speech defending his father outside the courtroom?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29030points) 1 month ago
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What could he have meant when he added the words “we’re white” in his statement?

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Probably a signal to the white supremacist MAGA supporters that it’s time to “lock and load”.

Or a more benign response is that he feels that his father is in some way being persecuted because he is caucasian, and a non-white person would have been acquitted. (which is a doubtful premise).

I listened to the clip several times – I think Eric said “right” not “white”

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“Dog whistle” to MAGA followers, judge Merchan is Brown skinned and Bragg is African American.

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He’s being persecuted by the dark man.

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He’s trying to distance himself from the orange lineage of his father.

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The main thing that explains how/why Trump ever even managed to become the GOP candidate in 2016 is . . . the theme of white male supremacy.

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Listed to many versions, sounds like Right.

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I heard “We are RIGHT”. Had TYT not suggested that he said “white”, I would have NEVER thought it!!! Eric is an idiot that works very hard to garner his dad’s favor. He says what daddy tells him to say just like Jr does.

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Because he’s an asshole?

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