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Any advice? And is this a sign of OCD or am I just trippin'?

Asked by KmiberDWZ (141points) 3 weeks ago
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I sometimes have thoughts about either getting harmed or harming myself or my loved ones or other thoughts that comes in randomly. I also get thoughts about wishing death upon my loved ones even though I absolutely LOVE them and I would never want that to happen nor that is my wish at all. I want to tell someone but I’m a little afraid because I don’t want my loved ones to think I’m and “monster” or something, and these type of thoughts started when I was 14, went away, then came back when I was 16 went away and came back again when I was 18. I hate it so much. I also have thoughts that keep telling me that I’m attracted to women, and I’m not and sometimes it’ll lead me to confusion and frustration (by all means I am NOT homophobic whatsoever). If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.Thanks!

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I would encourage you to speak with a mental health professional. Suicidal ideation and thoughts of harming others are serious and should be addressed in a serious way by a professional.

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Lots of people have random thoughts, but persistent intrusive thoughts, especially causing harm to others, is a red flag.
Could be a simple chemical imbalance, resurfacing trauma, or a mental illness. Better to seek help than hurt yourself or anyone else. :) Glad you were brave enough to post.
The US has a 988 phone number to call anyrime that you need to talk to someone.

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Thank you so much for trusting us with your difficulty. It took courage to tell us.

Those kind of random thoughts are completely normal. It’s ok to look at them and tell them “thanks, but we’re not going to think about that right now.” Then you can change your thoughts by looking at happy pictures of puppies or flowers. You can also listen to uplifting music.

Where OCD starts is when the worry about the thoughts interferes drastically with your life. If it keeps you from activities of normal living, that’s a concern. You haven’t described that, so I think you’re OK.

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This article explains intrusive thoughts and talks about basic ways to manage them.

Every once in a while I’ll have one pop in my head. I’ve learned to identify that it’s not my regular type of thought, tell myself, “Well that was strange,” and move on.

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Talk to a professional. Period.

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